All I Really Need to Know I Learned From My 2 Year Old

Lesson #1: Word association.
Since Colt has been talking a bit more, he has erupted with jabber about things in our daily routine. "Door-door" has come to mean not only the actual door, but it also stands in for words like "open" and "close". Anything with a lid or a door or a cap, I get asked to "door-door" it. Bottle of water? "Mama, door-door?" Jar of peanut butter? "Door-door?" Seems reasonable, right? His Lego set has some little people in it. And apparently they look like their heads should come off. At least once every time we play Legos, he gets my attention and holds up the poor little Lego sailor man, trying to unscrew his head like a bottle cap. Door-door? I politely explain that his head doesn't come off. He always looks so disappointed.

Lesson #2: Things are not always as they seem.
We've been jogging and climbing stairs at the parking deck and Colt's favorite part of Whitney training has been the elevator. Smart kid. He can juuuuuust reach the button and he pokes it until the light comes on. Then we try to guess which elevator will get there first. He jumps on and bangs around in the empty elevator as the doors close. When the doors open on the next floor he runs out and surveys the place. By the way, every level in the deck looks EXACTLY the same. Well, to a 2 year old. He always notices that the car isn't there, then turns to look at me all confused as if I've done something with it. Then he runs back over and punches the button to get back into the magic box so the car will come back. He always looks relieved when we arrive back on the first level and the car has returned. Whew.

Lesson #3: The power of suggestion.
Some of the first things he ever said were "oh no!" and "uh oh". And they continue to be favorites. And actually, "Uh oh" has taken on a life of its own here lately. It has come to mean "Something bad just happened, and I may or may not have directly, purposely caused it." I feel like explaining to him that saying "uh oh" does not make what just happened an accident. If you throw your milk cup on the floor from your chair during supper, and follow it with a not-so-heartfelt "uh oh", I can't help you. Not an accident. This also goes for ripping pages from magazines and sticking toys in the little crack between the refrigerator and the counter.

Lesson #4: Laughter is the best medicine. 

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Class dismissed.

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