I HAD a plan.

The plan was to organize the craziness on our fridge. Not IN the fridge. ON the fridge.

 Fridge 007_edit

The plan was to show you Before, During and After photos of my fridge transformation. I went out and bought supplies and got all "in the mood" to get organized. And…the plan slowly unraveled.

They say it's the heart of the home, right? The fridge is where it all goes down. Bearer of food, displayer of works of art, central location for grocery lists and family snapshots and appointment reminders.

Our fridge is actually much more than that. It's like an archaeological dig.

Non-Exhaustive List of Things I Found On Our Fridge:

  • Nearly every holiday photo card we've received in the last 5 years. (Lynn, I found yours from 2003!)
  • Bi-yearly dentist appointment reminders that I suspect started piling up when Jeff moved to Fayetteville. In 2002.
  • A photo of me on my first day of Preschool.
  • Every magnetic Razorback football schedule since 2001.
  • A picture of a kangaroo a little boy named Foster colored for me one night during a shift at Outback.
  • Various photos of Jeff's nieces and nephews as small children and BABIES. Note: Most of them are at LEAST teenagers by now.
  • Every wedding Save-the-Date/Invitation/Announcement we've received in the last 5 years.
  • Our OWN wedding announcement.
  • Breastmilk fridge/freezer storage guidelines.
  • Voter registration cards from 2006.
  • Christmas card my Mom mailed while she was deployed to Kuwait. She's been back since July 2006.
  • A magnet that reads "Northeast Louisiana University – Indians". Jeff's alma mater. A magnet that is so old… that it represents a school that is no longer either named "Northeast Louisiana University" OR represented by the "Indians"…

As I peeled things off the fridge, it became painfully obvious to me that I was not quite ready to purge these things. It seems like garbage and clutter – and honestly, some of it is - but it is OUR garbage and clutter and I decided I like it right where it is. So just like that - my plan of cleaning and organizing and starting fresh with the fridge was derailed. Each layer of nonsense that I unearthed from the surface of The Heart of Our Home was important enough to keep. For now.

So I carefully put each piece of our lives back on the fridge. Maybe I'll be ready another day.

In the interest of full disclosure – I did, however, take Before and After photos for you. ("Before" is on the left…)

 before... after... 

You see it, don't you?!

 before... after... 

The order?! The organization?! The completely obvious difference I made?!

 before... after... 

Yeah. Me too.

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