Grads and Mamas and Family, Family, Family!

After six years, four schools, and (at LEAST) two changes of the major… Becky is a graduate! Becky is a graduate!

 Grad 077_edit

She decided not to walk, but we celebrated anyhow. Mom and I planned a party for Becky and her friends, and we had such a good time celebrating her latest and greatest accomplishment. The cake – above – is the Journey 'O Becky. It starts at Fremont High School, winds through various community colleges and part-time jobs, and ends with one very successful Razorback!

A few group pics from the grad party:

 Grad 171_edit

 Grad 112_edit 

Grad 175_edit

We've all but given up on getting a family pic that includes a looking, smiling, not-squirming Colt. I don't even remember how many "takes" we did to get THIS one.

Grandpa Martin is always trying to put Colt to work. Some of you may remember when he taught Colt how to make coffee back at Christmas time. This time, it was dog walking. And – true to form – it didn't take Colt long to catch on and start taking his dog walking VERY seriously. He "walked" Chip all weekend! Here they are taking a little stroll during the graduation party.

 Grad 150_edit

 Grad 142_edit Grad 144_edit

Grad 155_edit 
Keith and Don were able to come over for the party and it was so good to see them. (We actually got to go out with them that night to see a band – which we NEVER do. Thanks Grandma and Grandpa for keeping The Monkey for us!)

 Grad 166_edit

And – as a bonus – a Hood Family self-portrait:

 Grad 111_edit

Sunday, we finally got out of bed and got our act together - and headed to War Eagle for the craft fair. Mom and I decided that it was about 2 parts Craft Fair, 1 part Flea Market – but Top Notch People-Watching! Sadly, I don't have many pictures of our adventures – though I'll tell you that I don't think these people know they're strange, so I'd feel a little awkward sneaking a picture of them – but I'm happy to share this little gem with you:

 051010b 001_edit
THAT is a dog. Wearing a hat. And sunglasses. This poor little dog was "modeling" for a booth selling these things. The hat and sunglasses come as a set, attached – so the dog has very little choice but to suffer on through. Poor thing. I scratched his ears and rubbed his tummy in a futile effort to restore some of his doggie dignity.

We had fun walking through the booths and enjoying our "cultural experience". I could have taken photos of all the crafts with misspellings or apostrophe abuse – but it would take me all day to post them all…

Later on we went to dinner to celebrate Mother's Day and Becky's birthday (a little early) – she turns 24 on Thursday. Somehow I don't have a picture of all of us at dinner, but what I do have is possibly the funniest photo ever taken of Colt. I don't even know how to prepare you for this – it hurts me I laugh so hard.

The plan: A nice photo of Mama and Colt on Mother's Day. Paw takes the camera and prompts Colt to "smile!" (which we all do, but all also know is just something you say – Colt usually has zero interest in smiling for a camera.)

The result:

051010b 005_edit

Not that you can tell from the mini-Mickey Rooney look and the 110% cheeseball attitude in that photo, but my kid usually looks more like this… 

050510 022_edit

Ya know, like Jeff.

Jeff snapped that shot and we all rolled. I am still laughing at it. I couldn't get him to do that again in a million years.

A few more outtakes…

 051010b 007_edit 051010b 008_edit

And we got it.

 051010b 012_edit

Happy Mama's Day!

Before Grandma left town she had to squeeze in some bathtime – as she is convinced Colt's little life is unfulfilled without it!

051010 014_edit 
051010 005_edit 051010 007_edit

 051010 004_edit

We already miss you Grandma and Grandpa Martin – see you in July!  

4 thoughts on “Grads and Mamas and Family, Family, Family!

  1. Colt, you started MY day with a huge, cheesy smile, too! :) What a fun weekend; Colt, I have TWO dogs…two dogs needing some walking-on-leash exercise. xo

  2. I happen to absolutely LOVE ADORE CHERISH the cheesy grin picture. I am printing it for my fridge. DOLL!!!! Love ya guys.


  3. Awesome cake and awesome blogging. Congrats Beckola!

  4. I am STILL laughing at the cheesy one! What a fabulous weekend!!!

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