Because it’s almost Mother’s Day

I heard this sweet, sweet song recently and want to share it with you. Myla Smith is a singer-songwriter in Memphis and she wrote a lovely song called "Little Caleb" for all you Mamas out there to enjoy on Mother's Day. You can download the song for free RIGHT HERE, or check out her website, plus she's on Facebook and Twitter and all that jazz. Oh – and click below to hear the song. 

Happy (almost) Mother's Day.

Little Caleb

Little Caleb
Little Caleb
Oh Little Caleb, thought that I knew before
Then I saw you
When I saw you
The minute I saw you I knew what my heart was for

Every day makes you older Little caleb album
I get older too
Every morning the sky is falling down
The world is new

Got a right arm
Got a left one too
Tuck you in tight every night in your room
When these arms
Wrap around you
You won?t have to wonder who is holding whom

Every day we are learning
Learning we were wrong
Every morning you?re back where you started
And right where you belong

I am tall
Love is taller
Twenty feet taller, no matter where you stand
I am tall
When you?re taller, Caleb
You can still reach up; I?ll give you my hand

Every day makes you older
I get older too
Every morning the sky is falling down
The sky is falling down
The sky is falling
The world is new

released 01 May 2010

One thought on “Because it’s almost Mother’s Day

  1. I like your poem — from the heart! I’m passing on the Preppy Mafia award to you for being such a great blogger and mama. Head over to The Way I See Things when you get a chance!

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