The Double Deuce Smorgasbord

Or, Toddler Potpourri.

Or, The Boy is 22 months old!

Or, Guess What I Found This Weekend? And Realized I Never Posted!

It's true. This weekend, while waiting (FOREVER) for my iPhone software to update during precious, precious naptime, I was browsing through some recent photos and realized there were some random ones that have yet to see the light of day.  And we can't have that. (A few have made it to Facebook, so depending on how closely you pay attention, you may recognize one or two.) 

So. Sit tight! Something for everyone!

P1160010_edit P2270002_edit

Above left: Saturday morning bedhead. Above right: Favorite Stool EVER doubles as a car/boat/spaceship!

Below: Cheese!

 P1200012_edit P1200022_edit


Above: I honestly don't even remember taking this picture. But I laugh out loud at this face every time I look at it. 

Below left: A boy and his remote. In his Paw's seat on the couch! Below right: Colt and I stopped to say hello to Jeff and a few work friends one Friday for Happy Hour. Colt sat with Bill like he does for VERY few strangers. Bill, you should be honored. :)

P3010055_edit P3050071_edit

P3170051_edit P3170045_edit

Above: Playing in the yard on St. Patrick's Day. Caption for the photo on the right could be something like – MamaMamaMama! Puppy Dogs!!

Below left: Leprechaun Stump Dancing. (It's an ancient Irish tradition.) Below right: Getting un-bundled from some snow day. I think this was Spring Break Snowman day.

P3170069_edit  P3210068_edit

Easter2010 007_edit Easter2010 012_edit

Above left: The Boy and his Paw. Above right: At the park. It's impossible to tell from this picture, but I remember that slide being about 40 feet tall. Or maybe 10.

Below: Look! We had Easter this year! I never posted these and I have no idea why. Everyone went to Nancy's after church and had SO much fun. Swings! Slide! Ahh!

Easter2010 058_edit Easter2010 067_edit

Easter2010 070_edit

Above: The Hoods. Easter 2010.

Below: Somehow Jeff and I drew the short straw during lunch over at Nancy's. We were supervising the kids' table. These are all the kids Colt hangs out with in the church nursery. (What this picture doesn't tell you is that Colt spent most of lunch trying to steal food off his friends' plates. Mostly macaroni & cheese. With his bare hands.)

Easter2010 092_edit Easter2010 095_edit

21months 022_edit 21months 025_edit

Above left: Practicing with my new zoom. WOAH eyelashes! Above right: Pretend this photo is of someone else's house. Yeah, that clutter doesn't belong to me. Focus on the cute boy in front. Thanks.

Below left: I LOVE this picture. He was picking out some dirt. Just for me. Below right: Playing with my new Photoshop actions.

21months 043_edit 21months 055_edit

And as if you haven't had enough, I even have video! Yes… I still own a video camera. We use it, but I'm not used to the new software on my new laptop yet, so processing videos has been a bit of a pain. I promise to practice so as to bring you more frequent Colt footage. (I'm also increasingly disillusioned with the video quality on YouTube, so more to come on that, but looking for a new way to host videos. Ideas?)

This video is the latest in The Stool Chronicles. Enjoy. 

And another. This one was taken the afternoon we got an Easter package from Grandma Martin. With two new candidates for The Choir. Donald and the Chickadee trio join Mongo, The Easter Bunny from Easter 2009, and a Christmas Teddy Bear who reads Twas the Night Before Christmas. Colt likes to line them all up on the coffee table and poke their little feet at the same time – creating a hideous cacophony of miscellaneous holiday cheer.  In a round. THAT is not on video. Yet. But in the meantime, enjoy choir rehearsal.


Probably should have told you this before, but if you click on any of the photos above you should get a bigger photo -for more Colt cuteness.

In summary, the munchkin is 22 months old (though some days it's hard to convince him that he's not already 2, if ya know what I mean). Happy 22 months, Buddy! Love you.

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  1. I love love the Easter video!

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