It rained this weekend. Hard. But we were faithful and optimistic little Razorback fans and made an attempt at Razorfest 2010. (For the non-Fayetteville crowd out there: Razorfest is a fancy term for the tailgating-on-crack that goes on all day before the annual Red-White game.)

Incidentally, NWA's Race for the Cure event was also this weekend and was threatened by storms. But we really thought the worst of it would be cleared out by the time Colt woke up from his nap and we would head down to the stadium on Saturday afternoon. Sure enough, the sun was shining and we loaded up the car.

We found a parking spot pretty close to the action and we started walking toward the stadium. Sun still shining. But as we got within 50 yards, we felt drops. And the drops QUICKLY turned into rain. Big, fat, cold rain. We made it into the safety of the stadium just in time for the sky to open up.

So. There we were with a few thousand of our closest friends, huddled in the hallways on the inside of the football stadium, with no umbrella, and no real plan.

We walked around a bit, did some people watching, and as quickly as it had started – the rain stopped. So we made our way to an opening and let The Boy have his first look at the field:

Razorfestetc 052_edit 
It was still several hours until the game, which we didn't stay to watch, but there was plenty of activity. It never ceases to amaze me that people will wait in line for ANYTHING. There were lines everywhere in there. Lines for food. Lines for the bathroom. Lines to get your picture made with the General Mills characters (the leprechaun from Lucky Charms and what appeared to be the Pillsbury Doughboy). It seemed that the longest lines were for things we couldn't even identify. For the record, we waited in line for nothing. We made our way around the stadium, stopping to look at various photos and plaques of Bowl Games and notable players, enjoying the sights (and smells! of football food!).

By the time we got back around to the gate we had entered, The Boy had hit his quota for casual strolling and was ready for a change of scenery.

Razorfestetc 060_edit
We made it back around to the Broyles Center where I had high hopes of getting a cutesy photo of Colt in front of this Razorback statue. And this is said photo:

Razorfestetc 069_edit 
That's his best "My Mama made me stand here and look cute, so I'm humoring her. Are we done now?" face.

All in all, not a bad outing. The rain tried to ruin everything, but it actually turned out to be a nice, slightly humid, day. And before we knew it, it was time to go home. Go Hogs!

Razorfestetc 078_edit 

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