Bucket_pic Recently, I was inspired to write my Life List. The things I want to do between now and ? then. I struggle to express to you how much fun it was to make this list, and not just because it is a list ? because that alone would have been fun. (Seriously, do you need me to make a list for you? Groceries? Honey Do? Anything!) It was more fun than I expected.

The concept of a Bucket List is not new, right, but there?s a fairly trendy craze among bloggers right now to write your Life List. I like the concepts of a "Life List" better than a "Bucket List". It's not about squeezing in a bunch of stuff before you die. Rather, it's about filling your life with things you've always wanted to do. Mighty Girl started the madness with her list, and it?s caught on like crazy ? BECAUSE IT?S AWESOME. Seriously.

But, admittedly, it took me a while to get on board. After reading a few items from Mighty Girl?s list, I was convinced this exercise was not for me. After all, I?ve done it. I?ve backpacked Europe. I?ve bungee jumped in Africa. I?ve seen the Eiffel Tower and the Sistine Chapel and the Berlin Wall and Buckingham Palace. I?ve ridden in a gondola and had beer in an Irish pub and thrown coins over my shoulder into the Trevi Fountain. I?ve been on safari and I?ve given birth and all the other things that are on people?s Bucket Lists. I remember thinking that it was such a lovely concept, but that I didn?t really need to participate.

But then I kept reading her list. And I decided to stop being a brat and remember that I?m all of 27 years old and that there are TONS of things I haven?t done. I have seen but a fraction of this world. I have lived but a fraction of the moments meant for me. Surely I can squeak out a Life List.

And you know what? Once I started writing things down, the ideas poured out of me. I couldn?t get them down fast enough. I was completely distracted thinking about this for two solid days before I got everything down on paper and the swirling in my head stopped.

100 things. So far, it's incomplete, but I know there are things that I?ll want to add. And I can?t wait to get started. I figure it?s safe to commit to crossing off ten items before my 30th birthday, but I secretly think I can do more like twenty.

I strongly encourage each of you to do this. Maybe you don?t tackle 100. Maybe it?s 50. Maybe you boil it down to your absolute Top 10. Maybe you focus your list on your kids ? 100 Things I Want To Do With My Kids Before They Grow Up. Whatever it is ? the idea is to get started. It?s not about having some sort of Cool Kid Resume when you die, it?s about making plans to break routine and intentionally filling your life with unforgettable moments. For me, it?s about taking inspiration from the ?cool? things I?ve already done and ensuring that I keep that adventurous spirit alive in myself. It?s about showing Colt, through my example, that life can be really, really fun. And that there?s just very little in this world that isn?t available to him.

So here?s your assignment. Start a list. Think about anything you?ve ever said ?I?ve always wanted to?? It doesn?t have to be something extreme like ?Have a picnic on the Moon?, but it?s your list ? have at it. You will have fun. I swear it. And if you?re so inclined, please send me a copy. Or post a link in a comment. Or give me some ideas to add to mine.

So without further delay:

100 Things To Do While I'm Here

  1. Scuba dive the Great Barrier Reef
  2. See every movie ever to have won "Best Picture"
  3. Visit all 50 states
  4. Yell "Cut!" on a movie set
  5. Sponsor a child in a foreign country
  6. Fly First Class
  7. Write this book that's in my head
  8. Climb a mountain with my husband
  9. Visit the Holy Land
  10. Go frog gigging
  11. Visit all 7 continents
  12. Play the piano again
  13. Camp in my backyard with my family
  14. Take a Hot Yoga class
  15. Walk on the Great Wall of China
  16. Take a cheesy picture at the 4 corners
  17. Pan for gold in Alaska
  18. Hug a California Redwood Tree
  19. Enjoy a Tahitian sunset
  20. Play craps at The Monte Carlo Casino
  21. Stand at the edge of the Grand Canyon
  22. Hold my grandchildren
  23. See the Northern Lights
  24. Own a piece of furniture upholstered in animal print
  25. Ride a horse on the beach
  26. Stay up an entire night enjoying the company of a good friend, then watch the sunrise together
  27. Go all out for a costume party
  28. Experience the cherry blossoms in Japan
  29. Take a nap in a hammock
  30. Get another college degree
  31. See the Rockettes
  32. Get a New Year's kiss in Times Square
  33. Own horses
  34. Attend an Olympic event
  35. Stand in the Oval Office
  36. Be an extra in a movie
  37. Buy something beautiful on 5th Avenue
  38. Help deliver a baby
  39. Crash a wedding
  40. Build a sand castle with my son
  41. See the Pyramids
  42. Pick a winner at the Kentucky Derby
  43. Give a toast
  44. Stand inside the Taj Mahal
  45. Learn to play cribbage
  46. Train a puppy to roll over
  47. Plant a tree
  48. Attend Homecoming at West Point
  49. Have something named after me (a child, a building, a sandwich, whatever)
  50. Go an entire week without answering a telephone
  51. Try snowboarding
  52. Be a contestant on Wheel of Fortune
  53. Have my picture made with Jerry Seinfeld
  54. Go skinny dipping
  55. Sit on a jury
  56. Wear the Razorback mascot costume
  57. Chase a tornado
  58. Spend Christmas on the beach
  59. Cook and eat a fish that I caught
  60. Go to a drive-in movie
  61. Start a business
  62. Ride in a donkey cart
  63. Visit the Galapagos Islands
  64. See Belize
  65. Learn to throw a boomerang
  66. Take a polar bear plunge
  67. Hike the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu
  68. Win something from a radio station
  69. Stake out the Loch Ness monster
  70. Take a Volunteer Vacation
  71. See the Monarch Butterflies in Angangueo, Mexico
  72. Throw a surprise party
  73. Finally punch that ticket to Budapest
  74. Splash around in a fountain in Rome
  75. Ice skate on a frozen pond
  76. Have my caricature drawn on the Venice Beach Boardwalk
  77. Set a world record
  78. Spend Christmas volunteering in a soup kitchen
  79. Build a house of cards
  80. See my name in lights
  81. Own a DSLR camera and REALLY learn how to use it
  82. Serve as Honorary Duck Master at the Peabody
  83. Take a night dive with Manta Rays in Hawaii
  84. Learn to wear color
  85. Tour Washington DC
  86. Go snowshoeing
  87. Ride the tallest and fastest rollercoaster on earth (currently the Kingda Ka, at Six Flags in New Jersey)
  88. Learn to make my Mom's peanut brittle
  89. See the Grand Ole Opry
  90. Climb the steps of the Acropolis
  91. Have a corn dog with Colt at Coney Island
  92. Meet the Duggars
  93. Go parasailing
  94. Pose in front of Grauman's Chinese Theatre

Every man dies. Not every man really lives. – William Wallace

9 thoughts on “No Time Like the Present

  1. Wow lots of travel! I’m impressed with your entire list, and count me in for #87 :)

  2. you obviously forgot about dollywood

  3. What a great list!!!
    I’d def. recommend the Rockettes :) I saw the show twice and it was amazing…it’s my dream to be one.

  4. Although mine is much shorter– I’ve had one going for a couple years now… Only the big, big stuff is on it so far. And I swear ours overlap a LOT. I’ll send it to ya sometime.

  5. Great list! You’ve inspired me! I am going to do one too and post it on my blog http://YolandaVentura.blogspot.com

  6. Well, I’m a lister, alright! I like the feeling of focus it brings. Just might try this exercise out, but I must say that just getting the “to do” lists around here at home and on my desk at work are tasks in and of themselves! C

  7. Love this! I may have to steal your list….

  8. Without making my own list, I have done 19 of the things you have listed :)

  9. Nice! Which ones?!

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