Extreme Makeover: Blog Edition

Ta daaaa! I know most of you were beginning to think the Great Blog Makeover was just a tease. Just a pipe dream of mine. But alas! Pretty new blog! Those of you in a reader or via email – go ahead and click on through so you can enjoy the pretty new blog, too!

At the risk of starting an Internet Explorer vs. Firefox vs. Google Chrome debate (I should have issued a geek alert. Sorry.), I have HAD IT with different browsers. I know literally enough to be dangerous about coding and such so as I've Googled my way around the internet and Duct Taped my learnings together to present the new blog — I have discovered that the REAL geeky web people out there decided it would be really fun if things looked different on different computers… Fun, huh? Bleh! So I HOPE the new design looks all sleek and fancy on your screen, too – but if you have some crazy browser, it may look funky. Which makes me sad. But I'll live. (I told you. Geek alert.)

Anyway! New blog! Poke around. Let me know what you think. I still have a lot of work to do to sort through old posts and do some formatting and I'm working on a better way to do photos. But I'm so, so proud of the design work that the lovely Ms. Andrea Taylor did for me. And a big, fat THANK YOU to the fine people at TypePad and Typekit for their infinite wisdom and patience during my onslaught of stupid perfectly reasonable questions and calls for help.

And just for fun, let's revisit the evolution of Mother Hood —

First, there was Xanga – est. March 2005:

Xanga capture

Then, the move to sarahmcow.com in September 2008:


And TODAY! (Did I mention the pretty new blog?!):

New blog capture 2 


6 thoughts on “Extreme Makeover: Blog Edition

  1. Oooooh! I like!

  2. Love it! I’m a big fan of blue. I’m in firefox, and on my screen your body text is a little jaggedy/pixeley, but other than that, it looks gorgeous!

  3. Love, Love, Love it!!!!! Great job.

  4. Pretty! I’m with Fawn…I’m using just plain jane windows explorer and the body text is a bit tough on the eyes. Could be just getting use to something new though.

  5. Very pretty, indeed! I hate the technology part…sigh. I just want to USE technology and have it already the way I want it! (foot stomps here). C

  6. I am impressed!!!! But then, I have always been impressed with ALL of your accomplishments – major and minor ones. Looks like you “picked ya out a good one” here!!

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