What did YOU do for Spring Break?

The year Jeff and I got married we started this tradition of running outside at the first sight of snowfall to take a family photo. It didn't even matter if the snow stuck to anything, all we needed was enough falling white stuff to create a cute "In the Snow" photo op.

2007 Family Photo in the Snow:

Snow 2007

And 2008:

 Snow Day 2008 b

And we added a munchkin for our 2009 pic:


It became a joke for us, since we live in a place where it doesn't really snow. It's not as if we can go outside just anytime during the winter and snap a pic in the snow – we had to take advantage of the first signs of winter weather.

Then came the winter of '09-'10.

During which there have been enough "in the snow" photo opportunities for me to make a flip book. 

Exhibit A.

Exhibit B.

But then the winds of change blew in. Spring was coming. Warm afternoons. Sunshine. Short sleeves!

And… then we were reminded that we live in Arkansas. When this:

P3210003 (2)_edit

 …happened on the first weekend of Spring.

Friends, THAT is almost a foot of snow. In my backyard. During Spring Break. In Ar-kan-sas.

I had heard the forecasts all week. There was a forecasted chance that some freakish snowstorm would hit Eastern Oklahoma and Northwest Arkansas this weekend, but honestly, I've lived here long enough to know that a freakish snowstorm forecasted several days in advance during a week when I was foregoing a coat and Tweeting about things like this:


–was highly unlikely to materialize.

So. About that.

Here's what happened between Saturday night at supper time and Sunday morning when I woke up:

P3200001_edit P3210003 (2)_edit 



And that was before noon.  It snowed for HOURS after that.

So we were forced to freeze our butts off have a ball.



P3210012_edit P3210035_edit

P3210036_edit P3210046_edit


P3210065_edit P3210055_edit


And there you have it. A nice, brisk kick-off for Spring Break 2010. It's supposed to be in the 60s again by Tuesday! 

2 thoughts on “What did YOU do for Spring Break?

  1. I am SOOOO jealous! I wishthe littleman felt better so we could have enjoyed it! Oh well we had about 20 minutes today (in 55 degree weather!) :)

  2. It was about 80 degrees in phoenix this morning. Hope you’re enjoying the foot of snow :)

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