WARNING: Toddler in Swing Looks Older Than Hardly Seems Possible



That there is my not-even-two year old. Yeah that one. The one swinging on the big kid swings all by himself even after his Mama tried to convince his Paw he was "definitely too little to be swinging on the big kid swings all by himself". The one that laughs in the face of danger. And is WAY too cool for the more age appropriate jungle gyms on the other side of the park.

P3060074_edit P3060077_edit

The one that is convinced he has the ability to leap tall buildings in a single bound. The same one that believes any slide worth sliding is worth sliding head first. The one who, incidentally, received a face full of dirt and mulch about a half second after this photo was taken:


But brushed himself off, got an encouraging fist bump from his Paw, and was ready to get back on the horse.

The same one that still cannot be bothered with boring tasks like sitting still long enough for his Mama to get a decent picture of the front of his jug.

P3060076_edit P3060075_edit P3060073_edit
Yep, that's my munchkin. The one that has already learned to bribe his Mama with kisses.
Cute AND smart.

3 thoughts on “WARNING: Toddler in Swing Looks Older Than Hardly Seems Possible

  1. Cute and smart,,,, sounds just like his grandpa Martin :)

  2. What a sweetheart!
    My son was the same way.
    Tonight I took him to the playground & at the very mature age of 3 1/2 he tells me Stop Mom! I’m not going to fall.
    I think I had 4 heart attacks in 2 minutes.
    Boys, ya gotta love em!

  3. So sweet, and great pics. Why do little boys do this to us? Meanwhile, big sis is still attached to my hip…

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