So we have these neighbors.


They're such nice neighbors. They probably aren't aware that since the weather has been nice recently and we can play outside some when we get home from school, I have been hefting my kid up on my shoulders and allowing him to peek over their fence and into their yard.


But they're such nice neighbors that they probably wouldn't mind.


They probably also aren't aware that their backyard happens to contain the single most fantabulous thing EVER - in this toddler's humble little opinion.


Puppy dogs! Puppy dogs! Puppy dogs! Desperate pointing. Near hyperventilation. Puppy dogs! Puppy dogs! Puppy dogs! Mama do you SEE the puppy dogs!?! More desperate pointing. 

But they're such nice neighbors so they probably wouldn't mind. Right?

4 thoughts on “New(est) Obsession

  1. Bring Colt down here! Our neighbors have a “puppy dog” that’s nearly as big as I am. It barks like crazy whenever we go outside. I’m sure it’s just begging to play!

  2. Colt can come play with the new puppy, Tamsin. She loves kids!

  3. Every little boy needs a dog! I should start a FB group COLT NEEDS A DOG!

  4. I am so guilty of making my parents do this when I was little. I actually ended up making friends with the neighbor girl this way.

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