A new gas station opened across the street from our subdivision about a month ago. It now makes three (3) gas stations within the distance of a city block over here on our exit. We have marveled at the wars that have already been waged over price. Jeff pays far more attention than I do and has often remarked that gas will change from the time he leaves for work, to the time he comes home for lunch. We have joked about how the new Murphy Gas Station probably makes it necessary for Harps and Citgo to employ someone full-time just to keep an eye on the price across the street and change the sign out front to keep up!

But this past Friday was just too much. We left the house around 6:30am Friday morning and the price at all three gas stations was $2.35. We got home around 4:00pm – and the price had fallen to $2.23. By the time we left for dinner an hour later, it had already fallen to $2.19 and as the sign came into view as we returned from dinner around 8:00pm, I almost wrecked when Jeff yelled, "$1.99!?".


Without knowing how many times it changed while we were gone all day — it dropped AT LEAST three times in the course of 14 hours. 

We concluded from the looks of things that it was Murphy USA's official "Grand Opening" as they had a local radio station out there among other festivities. The whole thing was causing quite a stir and there were people directing traffic into and out of the gas station, making sure people weren't being pigs by filling up all the empty containers in their garages. In fact, as we pulled into Harps to "partake", we saw this:


As soon as we got home, Jeff left with our other car to fight the crowds for some $1.99 gas.

And, as if it were all just a dream, the price had returned to $2.20 by 9am the next morning. Ahh but I love getting caught in the crossfire of a price war. 

2 thoughts on “This is War

  1. That is probably the cheapest gas in all of the United States!!!

  2. So all that fuss to save, what, 5 dollars? Ridiculous.

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