P1300022_editI have a little Rubbermaid stool that I use to reach things on the top shelf of the pantry. Lately, when I'm standing at the sink, Colt likes to drag the stool out of the laundry room, place it as physically close to me as possible, and "help" me do dishes.   

Like everything else, it was impossibly cute the first couple times. But his tendency to obsess eventually won out and he started to insist on standing on (and often falling off of) the stool. In the door, home from school? Stool. Time for bed? Stool. Ready to get in your chair and eat supper? MUST. STAND. ON. STOOL.   

So we wrote another chapter of the Brilliant Parenting Book. And we hid the stool. Problem solved, right?


This kid is resourceful.

He had Plan B. In the shape of an upside down laundry basket. Hmm. An upside down laundry basket is roughly the same shape and height as the stool. Success! And he resumed his spot at the sink, hands in dishwater.

So - the laundry basket had to go, too. And for the last few days, I was able to wash dishes all by myself. Though he usually still managed to wedge his little body between my legs and the cabinets, then stick his face out between my knees and laugh maniacally. Sometimes I wonder what is going on in his little brain.

But today. Today, I witnessed Plan C.


Some of you might recognize that as the contents of someone's favorite cabinet. For context, those bowls and colanders are usually strewn willy nilly across the kitchen floor. But not today. Today, they were arranged with purpose.

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