I've never minded the winter as much as I do this year. In fact, I typically prefer cold weather to warm because it means things like layered clothing and snuggling and Christmas and snow (usually conveniently enjoyed through a nice warm window). But this year, it's wearing on me.

I almost wish our calendar year could go from March to March. That way the year could end with all the ice and snow and being cooped up inside – and start anew with warm weather, playing outside, Spring cleaning, and green grass. That would feel a lot more like a New Year to me. As it is, I'm finding it hard to summon the motivation for anything new. Or different. Or, how do you say, productive?

Blah! Is it so wrong to just be DONE with the cold? We've had something like 8 snow days since school started in January. And while that may mean one thing to those who have to consider things like lesson plans and standardized tests, I'm here to tell you that in this house it translates into a lot of NOT getting to play outside and one restless kiddo.

I'm ready. I'm ready to throw open the windows and let Colt run wild in the backyard and have a good reason for a pedicure and walk to the park without bundling up A Christmas Story-style. *sigh* I've been sustaining myself by looking through photos of last summer and making mental notes of things I want to do this summer.


Birthday_23_edit Birthday_30_edit


Birthday_87_edit Birthday_88_edit

4thFloatTrip09 044_edited

Birthday_62_edit Birthday_74_edit

Ahhh. Yeah, I needed that. Though I may have to go get a pedicure anyway. You can never be too prepared.

One thought on “Hibernation Desperation

  1. I usually love winter, but I’m with you. I’ve just had it. TOO MUCH SNOW. TOO MUCH COLD. I want spring, please. Now. I’m waiting. It must get here soon. Anytime now. Right?

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