Oh, this kid. Empty boxes, muddy sticks, puppy dogs, and… running water.


I believe the object of the game was to trap the water. I forgot to keep score.



I will tell you what the object of the game wasn't. Let's just say no soap was harmed during the course of this "bath".

If you look closely, you will see that he's up to his armpits in water. I would let it run, and he would battle with the faucet, then I would drain the tub a little so as not to flood the bathroom. When it was necessary to turn off the water – even momentarily – I would get this look:


Pure, unadulterated desperation. So I'd run the water some more. Several rounds of this and the water was starting to run a little cool. So it was time to call the game.  


Stay tuned for a rematch.

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