By this time last week, I'd already been vomited on. More than once. And the week didn't improve much from there.

First, you should probably understand that Winter Weather in Northwest Arkansas takes on a life of its own. One minute the Weatherman is predicting a chance of winter precipitation and the next thing you know we're expecting 2-4" and schools are closed 24 hours in advance of the first flurry. It gets out of hand really fast. 

And we'd all been off our school/daycare normalcy for two solid weeks and I was enthusiastically looking forward to getting back to, you know, normal.

So last week. *sigh*


  • Weather forecast not looking good, but I was optimistic.
  • Colt woke up early from his nap so we went for a drive. As we walked back in our house, Colt staggered toward me, wrapped his arms around my neck - and threw up his afternoon snack on my shoulder.
  • Poor guy. He settled down, I cleaned us up, and I gave him some water.
  • The rest of the evening was more of the same. The poor kid couldn't even keep water down. 
  • Colt finally fell asleep, and we were hoping he would feel better by morning.
  • By the 10 o'clock news they were already posting school closings for Monday morning. And sure enough - Fayetteville Schools were closed. This meant that daycare was also likely closed, so I made plans to take my Cabin Fever Vaccination and stay home Monday with the little guy.


  • High – 21. Low – 8.
  • Got up at 2am with Colt. He gulped down an entire cup of Pedialyte then pointed back to his bed. No pleasantries, woman. It's the middle of the night! Back to bed he went and slept until morning.
  • Woke up to discover that the University was closed so Jeff had the day off. 
  • But upon calling to confirm daycare was closed, we found out they were open at 10! So we got the little guy out of bed to see how he felt.
  • He ate his Cheerios like a champ and had no fever, so we made plans to take him to school.
  • Had an appointment to get an MRI (long story, separate post) at 10:30.
  • Came out of MRI in time to get a call from daycare that Colt was running a fever and we would need to come pick him up. Geez. He'd been there for ONE. HOUR.
  • So Doctor's Office #2 for the day. Turns out, there's nothing they can do. Just a stomach bug. But since he had a fever, he can't go back to daycare for 24 hours. So I started gearing myself up to stay home. Again.


  • High – 23. Low – 6.
  • More cold. More winter weather. All schools closed again. Colt and I stayed inside with Barney and Fireman Sam, and did not change out of our sweats.
  • Had big plans to take a nap when Colt went down at 1:00 so I took a nice long shower and cozied up under the electric blanket.
  • …turns out the stomach bug was contagious.
  • Spent Colt's entire naptime running back and forth to the bathroom.
  • Made promise to myself that Wednesday. Wednesday would be normal.


  • High – 36. Low – 15.
  • Felt like crap upon rolling out of bed in the morning, but vowed to get to work by lunch.
  • Colt had his 18 month well-child checkup at 11, but he went to school all morning.
  • You know how the checkup went… And the subsequent events…
  • I WENT TO MY OFFICE THAT AFTERNOON. Felt like crap. But I was there!
  • Held my breath for school closings.


  • High – 26. Low – 6.
  • Schools closed - AGAIN. Daycare closed – AGAIN.
  • Attended Doctor's Appointment #4 for the week to get results from Monday's MRI. Waited 45 minutes for a 4 minute appointment. Figures.
  • Drove home on DRY roads while silently cursing whoever cancelled every school between here and Kansas because it was COLD OUTSIDE.


  • High – 12. Low – 1.
  • Could it be? Fayetteville Schools are open! Daycare is open! I get to go to work!
  • Looking forward to a normal day. And a Friday, to boot.
  • Walked to my car at 1:45 to drive to a 2:00 meeting at P&G. Car is dead.
  • After Jeff came to jump me, I drove home shivering with no radio/heater/headlights so as not to use additional battery juice. Held my breath the entire way as the lights on the dash flickered. Mentally prepared myself to steer my dead car off the road should it give out mid-trip.


  • High – 21. Low – 3.
  • Stuck in the house again, but did make a trip to the Honda dealer for a new car battery.

So if you've been paying attention, that makes 1 stomach virus, 4 trips to various doctors, 1.5 days of work for me, around 2 cumulative days of daycare for Colt, 1 dead car battery, and an average temperature of about 7.

Crossing my fingers for a "normal" week. We need it.

So – from the top!

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