10 thoughts on “HOW have I never noticed this before?

  1. Na UH! Is that the local CFA by the office????


  3. OH! I was trying to figure out the license plate…duh I didn’t look at the ground. Wow.

  4. I too was trying to figure out the plate! We had Faclty Parking at school for a few days! lol

  5. Been there a hundred times (although 6 months ago) and never saw that. Funny stuff. Thanks for sharing.

  6. OK….I, too, was wondering what was so significant about 1ELY. I’m sure those HOG fans love getting their license plate plastered on FB!

  7. Only a Teacher would notice

  8. But isn’t that the drive for Thursday’s only??? LOL

  9. Wow. Sad.

  10. Took me awhile too – I thought you were upset because of the long line!

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