I received the following email from my sister Laura today. I laugh out loud every time I read it and decided I must share it with the masses.

Ok, I have officially taken pictures of mr. willy for you. But haven't quite gotten around to putting them on a stick and bringing them to the office. So I'm close. Very close.
But I have a more pressing issue. A funny one. I had a dream last night, and it involved you, and crazy baby names. Both things I know you love.  :)  So I dreamt that we had a baby. Meaning: one of us gave birth (not sure which), but we planned on "sharing it." In the dream it made total sense… So I was over with the nursery people filling out the birth certificate, and I decided to name him "Keikeipa." And in the dream, I LOVED that name. But when you saw it, you absolutely FLIPPED and demanded that it be changed. So you went off and did a whole new birth certificate with your preferred name: "Husker." Yes- you named our child after the Nebraska mascot. Way to go, co-Mom.
And that was it.  :)


Couple things. First, Mr. Willy is a topic for a later post. Trust me, he's worth the wait. Second, I would NEVER name a child Husker. Just so that's on the record. Though I would obviously prefer "Husker" to "Keikeipa" – whatever that means.

Now then. A coworker sent me this video today and I just had to pass it along. "Kid" stuff like this never really amused me before I had my own, but now I think things like this are hysterical.  (Also – testing the new video posting feature on the blog for the first time, so let me know if it's crappy.)


4 thoughts on “Tuesday Grab Bag

  1. Husker! Hahaha! That’s pretty awesome, and yes, vastly preferable to Keikeipa.

  2. I swear I’m not on drugs. These things just come to me.

    And I also have no earthly what “Keikeipa” means… but it has a certain ring to it.

  3. I loved the 911 call! The policeman is helping with my math…

  4. So, you should know, I’ve been playing this little video for all my peeps at work. It’s giving everyone a much needed laugh!

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