As always, the boy is busy busy. He is inching his way closer to 18 months and taking no prisoners.

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First, I'm proud to announce that we are done with bottles! It was far less dramatic than I anticipated and it took us all of 24 hours to go from two bottles to NONE! No biggie for Colt – except that the transition from bottle to full-on sippy cup was accompanied by a bit of a schedule change. Instead of getting a warm bottle at 6 and then snoozing until 7 — he now gets to snooze til at least 6:30, then get up to a cold cup of milk and a tray of Cheerios. It took a few mornings to get it down, but so far so good. Both mornings this past weekend we had to go wake up his lazy bones so he could eat breakfast! And I'm fairly certain this kid could eat his weight in Cheerios if we let him!

So yes. Goodbye, old friends. Hello, reclaimed counter space! No more bottle warmer and no more drying rack. Woo hoo!

The second announcement is this:

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Yep. We woke up last Saturday morning to knocking on the inside of his bedroom door. "Is that what I think it is?" "Yep, pretty sure." He hasn't climbed out again – yet, so we haven't made a move for a toddler bed, but we're hoping Santa brings him one because it isn't too far off.

This past weekend brought the 110th annual Army-Navy game and the little guy showed up for his team. 

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Tom sent me that hat for my 19th birthday. I loved that it was just like the one he always wore.

But Navy got us again… what a bummer. But, like a true Razorback fan, Colt is already "looking forward to next year".

Yesterday was reasonably warm, so we took advantage and spent most of the afternoon outside. Here are some pics of our day in the backyard and our neighborhood park:



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So we had fun at the park. As you can see. I am always amazed at how fearless Colt is. He doesn't hesitate at the top of the tallest slides and doesn't even flinch when his little feet get tangled up and he lands on his face. He's got an independent streak a mile wide and it is really starting to crack us up. 

18 months – here we come!

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  1. He is such a cute kid. I love reading all about his adventures!

  2. I LOVE HIM!!!

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