Where do baby ghosts go during the day?*

Ah Halloween.  Colt is still too little to both understand the concept of trick-or-treating and to eat candy, so it was 100% about the costume again this year. But I didn't want The Costume to suffer the same fate as most clothes that endure an entire day of daycare. So I sent him to school in his cutest day-before-Halloween getup. But not before I made him pose for a picture or two or twelve.

16monthsD_04_edit 16monthsD_03_edit

I picked him up from school a little early and we went home to enjoy a few minutes of sunshine. I feel like it's been raining for weeks and the poor little guy's been stuck inside quite a bit. So I just let him run.


16monthsD_17_edit 16monthsD_20_edit


Then we headed back to my office for some Halloween festivities. Kiddos were invited to come through the office, trick-or-treating and such. And Colt and I made our rounds to say hello. Teresa had Chaz with her, too, so it was our own little Take Your Toddler To Work Day. The cute little cowboy in the pictures is Chaz. 

16monthsD 002_edit 16monthsD 001_edit

I love that Colt looks like he's doing work in that second shot. Maybe I'll let him start managing my forecast.

16monthsD 008_edit

16monthsD 013_edit

This next photo is completely random and has not one thing to do with Halloween, but Colt found a box of "stuff" to play in on Saturday morning and we thought it would be good to have something to use as, you know, cultural evidence someday when we sit down to tell Colt about the Good Ole Days when we used to buy music in stores. On little discs. (If you look closely, there are even some cassette tapes in there. For good measure. And because someone never throws anything away.)


Some old friends of Jeff's from Smackover were camped for the weekend at Devil's Den, so we went to say hello. Jeff's friend Steve, his wife Delina and their kids Jace and Maylee. Maylee is five and let me tell you it was love at first sight. Colt couldn't get enough of her. And she was happy to entertain him all afternoon. I don't think I have any photos of Maylee, but she was such a cutie – and you know how Colt has a thing for the pretty girls!

16monthsD 024_edit

16monthsD 028_edit

16monthsD 030_edit

We had such a good time visiting with them. Colt mostly behaved himself, and look Grandpa Martin! Colt started his Dutch Oven cooking career! 

And now. What you've all been waiting for. The Impossibly-Cute-Pictures-of-Baby-In-His-Halloween-Costume!

16monthsD_33_edit 16monthsD_42_edit

16monthsD 036_edit 16monthsD_56_edit


A monkey! Duh. Honestly, he didn't even need the costume. He is a running, climbing, jabbering little thing – all on his own. But the costume is cute. Right? We came inside after taking pictures and he went straight for Mongo. He is specifically fascinated by Mongo's left foot – as you can see – because his magic left foot turns on the infernal stuck-in-your-head-FOR-LIFE music that shall remain nameless. Monkey See Monkey Do!

16monthsD_49_edit 16monthsD_52_editb

Happy Halloween!

16monthsD 037_edit

*Day-scare centers.

5 thoughts on “Where do baby ghosts go during the day?*

  1. Aw, man! I can’t believe you didn’t bring your cute little fella up here on Halloween! I didn’t get to see him.

    He’s adorable, Sarah.

  2. Enjoyed the visit with you guys. The kids made a haul on the candy. The dutch oven pumpkin cake was great by the way. Hope to do it again soon. Steve

  3. Awwwwwwww… And I like your scrubs, too. Very cute. :)

  4. Not sure how I missed this post the first time around, but I came across it today and it’s good to hear Jeff’s got the daddy thing down…gotta be honest, I wasn’t completely sure how he’d do :)

    I’m, of course, kidding. That man has always had a much bigger heart than he’d ever be willing to admit.

    Love the shot of your two boys. Love it.

  5. Ok…totally posted that last one on the wrong blog entry. It was supposted to go with the entry from May…the one that was actually about Jeff being such a good daddy. Didn’t belong here where it seems completely inappropriate and unrelated. Ooops.

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