Sometimes you're just in the right place at the right time.

Last night, I found myself in the Rogers Walmart. At 8:30 on a Monday night. With Mr. Mike Huckabee.  THE Mike Huckabee. Honestly, it wasn't entirely an accident. I was at Nancy's house looking through pictures she took for us this weekend and she mentioned that Mike Huckabee was doing a book signing that night at Walmart – and that we should go. She was probably joking, but I took her up on it. Why not? It's Monday night. 8:30. I'm wearing SWEATPANTS and an old t-shirt. Let's go out in public!

Mr. Huckabee was signing copies of his newest book, "A Simple Christmas". As we walked into Walmart, the line didn't look that long so we decided we would go for it, stand in line and meet the guy. But we kept walking, and the line kept going. And going. It wrapped nearly around the store by the time we found the end of it. And Mike wasn't even there yet! It would be hours before we got to the front of the line! So we chickened out. BUT! We had a genius plan.

Oddly, the book signing setup was right in the middle of women's apparel – and The Huck was flanked on either side with Miley Cyrus clothes. So we sauntered right up to the opposite side of the "stage" and pretended to be really interested in selecting just the right color of leopard print leggings (they had blue, red and silver) while we waited for the man to arrive. Just as he did, we realized our plan had worked perfectly. We had the best seats in the house! Sure, we weren't in line, and wouldn't be getting an autograph and a handshake – but we were 5 feet away from the guy, making eye contact over the clothing racks as he greeted the crowd with a "Go Hogs!".

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Shortly after, his crew (in the matching red NASCAR-looking shirts) started ushering people through at an impressive rate and we stood around and watched for a bit. PRIMO people watching, you guys.

16monthsH 032_edit 

We took some paparazzi-style photos from the crowd, convinced an innocent stranger to take our picture, conspicuously nonchalantly walked RIGHT behind a TV reporter to be sure we got on the air, and we waltzed out the door. So there you go. Bored on a Monday night? Go crash a book signing!

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5 thoughts on “Team Huck

  1. A few clarifications/comments:

    1. I WAS joking. I should know better, though–I always end up doing this kind of goofy stuff with you.

    2. I love that you can see the hangers in the foreground of the first picture. Hysterical.

    3. Was that a TV camera we walked in front of? I didn’t notice.

    4. When’s the next event?

  2. Why exactly are Mike Huckabee’s “boys” dressed like they are members of hit pit crew or about to put on a country concert at the Grand Ole Opry? I don’t get it. Maybe it’s in the book.

  3. First off, he’s definitely gained back some of that baby weight…

    And second- this. is. HYSTERICAL.

  4. The next stop on his tour? My neighborhood! He’ll be at a bookstore a mile or so from my house tonight! If you left mid-afternoon you could make it!!

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