Our computer is dead. Posting from my phone. Isn’t technology something?

So. Dead computer. In anticipation of our guests next week, I was changing the sheets in the guest room. Colt was “helping” and got distracted. Next thing I knew he had climbed under the computer desk and switched off the power strip. I think my exact words were “umm, THAT was bad.” And – as it turns out – it was.

After a phone-a-friend to Nancy’s husband, Matt, it was determined that Colt had inadvertantly contributed to the death of our CPU’s power supply. Like I said. Dead computer.

The consequences of this include but are not limited to the following:

1. I will be taking our poor, aging computer to work with me tomorrow where I will grovel at the feet of my IT friends in hopes that they will take pity on me and help me fix it. I will endure the ribbing I will inevitably receive for owning a computer from the 12th Century.
2. I am unable to take advantage of the current ‘20% off’ specials on Shutterfly. I am exactly one night’s work away from finishing Colt’s Baby Book. (I am literally putting final touches on after spending MONTHS working on it. It is 101 pages long.) I’ve been counting on ‘20%’ time… And it will be over on the 23rd. No computer = No Shutterfly.
3. I am leaving on Thursday on the trip of a lifetime. I would really like to be reviewing travel itineraries and packing lists and visa information. But, alas.
4. I am unable to properly blog for you about a recent FABULOUS time I had with my friend, Teresa. We decorated a Christmas tree for the annual Alzheimer’s Association Christmas Gala and Auction. It was a blast and we were right in there with “real” designers and artists and Signed, Sealed & Delivered-type people. Our tree was called Christmas Is For Kids. It was a whimsical kid theme with bright colors and toys. I will post photos when I can, but they don’t do it justice.
5. My right index finger is exhausted.

Think positive thoughts for the computer. And my recently diagnosed case of iPhone finger. (Which, in case you were wondering, is as serious as tennis elbow.) While you’re at it, think positive thoughts for my sleep-deprived sense of humor.

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  1. You are in my thoughts for all the above reasons and then some! Hopefully the stars are in the right horizon or whatever and your IT people will help you out – if they are like mine at work, they’ll help you out, but you’ll be on their list forever! Good luck!

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