But you’re one in a million to me.

So this is the world, and there are almost six billion people on it. When I was a kid, there were three. It's hard to keep up. – Jerry Maguire, opening lines.

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I love that the three of us are each other's favorite person. I was recently talking to a friend about how drastically life changes when you get married and have kids. About how you truly forget what life was like without these people – your family – and how cheesy I always used to think it was when people talked like that…

The weekend of the 10th, Grandma and Grandpa Martin were in Fayetteville and we headed to the pumpkin patch for some fun. And here are FAR too many pictures of it: saying howdy to the pigs with Grandpa, the potato sack slide (a FAV), riding the cow train with Mama, hayride, and pumpkins. (There are more pictures in the Colt – 12 to 18 Months photo album.)

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We will definitely be going back to that pumpkin patch – they had such a great set-up and we really had a lot of fun. Colt was VERY interested in the tractors and the mud, and more fascinated by the wheelbarrows than the pumpkins themselves – but it was a success. And look – a cute photo of Mom and Dad!


So far Colt has been taking 16 months just as seriously as 15 months. He is more and more vocal every day – babbling and such. He still isn't talking, but has started doing some of the communication-type things the books told me he would be doing months ago. Go figure. He has started waving, though it looks more like a cross-pollination of ninja technique and jazz hands.

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He is also pointing and clapping on a regular basis now. But no talking. We are trying to be patient with the talking, because we know that it will be opening a flood gate that will not close until he's a grouchy teenager. Maybe he's just destined to be as talkative as his father :)

Daycare is still going well. In fact, they are busy busy. Last week was Colt's First School Picture Day – which I LOVE. I haven't seen the pictures yet, but will post them when I get proofs. Also – they've started sending home artwork, which clearly shows that we are dealing with a brilliant artist. See for yourself.




The most common remark I hear from daycare is how HARD he plays outside. He comes home in different clothes nearly every day because he gets his money's worth out of the puddles and whatnot out on the playground. Man, he loves to be outside. Really, he likes to be anywhere he can run as fast as his little legs will carry him until either his top half or his bottom half outpaces the other and he topples over. But he doesn't stay down for long. 


I sometimes wonder if his energy will ever start to level off. He just goes and goes until about 7:30 and then it's like he knows everyone is done for. He turns it down to a dull roar and doesn't protest to being held. He gets jammied and rocked and tucked in – and we start it all over again the next day. Full speed ahead. Love you, Buddy. Happy 16 months.


5 thoughts on “But you’re one in a million to me.

  1. We had a ball, and will be back for more as soon as we can. Grandpa

  2. such great pictures. We will return to the corn maze next year too! Although i think next year we should all go together.

  3. Too cute. Too fun. Had a fabulous weekend! Perhaps next year we can do an encore! Hugs!

  4. Awww- love it! Especially the wave attempts…

  5. uh i think you should use the fam shot and update you FB profile.. i mean really isn’t it time :)

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