The way to this boy’s heart is through a singing, clapping monkey

My parents sent this little guy – Mongo – last week and he has been well-loved. He sings "If You're Happy and You Know It", claps his hands, and moves his mouth. Colt dances with him and rewards him with Cheez-its. 

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At some point over the weekend, Colt figured out how to press his little foot and make him start singing — it has been downhill since then. Do you know how easily "If You're Happy and You Know It" gets stuck in your head? Yeah. That easily.

It is officially fall in Northwest Arkansas and the trees are gorgeous. I was worried that the ice storm would really change the fall landscape around here, but honestly it's hard to tell. The leaves inspired us to try taking some pictures outside. And we have now tried two weekends in a row to take Colt's picture out in the leaves and the colors and the fabulousness that is Northwest Arkansas…. And I now have pictures of the back of his head — in two different outfits. I took over a hundred pictures, and truly, these are the best photographs we got after hours of chasing him around Mt. Sequoyah (the first weekend) and Old Main lawn (the second weekend). 

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Most of the rest of them look a little something like this (if there's a baby in the frame at all…):

16monthsC_36 16monthsC_74

Nancy: If you're reading this, I NEED YOU. Clearly. The best I can hope for is a profile shot. It's pathetic. I need your mad photography and baby wrangling skills. Stat. There's a Chicken Berry Salad date in it for you. Yep. I've resorted to bribery. Help!

In other news, my birthday was last week. Birthdays never bother me, but this one gave me a funny feeling. As of October 27 (4 days after my birthday) I am older than my big brother. It just doesn't seem right. But I have a sweet, thoughtful hubby and fantastic friends who helped me celebrate. I took Friday off of work and spent time with my friend Teresa – it was a much needed breather from work, and a fun day with a good friend. She even brought me a birthday cake! Well, kinda. Please reference the below pictures. Every month my office has a birthday cake and celebrates all birthdays in that month. It's a nice little afternoon pick-me-up to get birthday cake and a glass of milk – and I rarely miss it. Well this month. October. MY birthday month. I got busy that afternoon and couldn't get down to the birthday party. So I went late in the day to grab a leftover piece. 

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Sad sad sad. NONE left. Those vultures! But Teresa saved the day Friday by bringing me the cheesiest birthday cake I think I've ever seen. You can't tell from this picture, but the cake was about the size of my fist. We brought it into Abuelo's with us for lunch – and we all agreed that, ahem, it's the thought that counts… it tasted AWFUL. We had a nice big laugh.

Saturday night, we left the munchkin with Autumn and went out with Keith and Don. We NEVER get to see them and it was so nice to be able to catch up, have a drink, and relax for the night. Guys – we really do need to do that more often. I miss you.

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Ok. I know. This post keeps getting longer. But there are more cute baby pictures in store if you stick it out. 

Colt has somewhat moved past his fascination obsession with the remote control and has moved on to bigger and better things. Like brooms. 


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And placing himself inside any box or basket he can manage.

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I'm honestly not sure what the broom thing is all about, but I can assure you that dragging around TWO brooms of different lengths and weights is not always easy for a little guy. But he doesn't give up. He would probably sleep with them if I'd let him. Please note the beautiful, front-facing grins that the brooms are able to conjure up. If only I could get him to be as excited about getting dressed in cute fall clothes and standing in pretty fall leaves as he is about dragging brooms around our stinky, cluttered garage…

I've almost got his photo album updated – but I'm behind on tagging them all. Check them out anyway, there are always plenty more pictures in the album than what get posted here. Happy Fall!

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  1. That guy is growing so fast it is almost scary. Great pictures!

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