Every time I sit down to write an update on the little guy for all of his family, friends and fans I think to myself, man he's been growing up so fast lately. Then I remind myself that I will probably think that every month and every year for the rest of his life. He's moving right along. 15 months! "The Books" have told me to expect anything and everything, so we're trying to roll with the punches. We have always felt so lucky to have such a fun little boy – and his personality shows more and more every day. 

He is already showing signs of some pretty fierce independence (I wonder where he gets THAT?), so I can only imagine what being 2 and 3 years old will bring. Lately, he wants to brush his own teeth at night – though I usually step in and "help" him when he misses a spot.

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After the trip to the doctor last week, Colt spent this week taking The Pink Stuff twice a day and getting breathing treatments every 5 or 6 hours. By midweek he was sucking down The Pink Stuff like it was his favorite thing on earth – they must have made some serious taste improvements to that stuff since I was a kid. He even willingly submitted to the breathing treatments the last few days. A nice change of pace from the wrestling matches that made up the first half of the week. 

Such a big boy we have around here. He's recently attempted Fork Mastery. We are not there yet, as I probably waited too long to let him try it (because it's messy and I hate that and I know that's a bad reason) and he's way more excited about just getting the darn food in his mouth so suppertime can be over already and he can get back on the floor and find some stuff to climb on or bang together.

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Let's see – what else – he really hasn't gained any weight to speak of since about 11 months. He just keeps getting taller. No talking yet, too busy. He could eat his WEIGHT in carrots, though he's branching out a little more all the time. He sleeps from about 7:30 until 6:00 – has some milk then back to sleep until 7:00. Some days he sleeps late, but his little tummy just can't seem to predictably get past 6:00 before it's growling him awake. He takes an afternoon nap that ranges anywhere from 45 minutes (at daycare) to over 3 hours (at home on the weekends). 

Speaking of daycare – LOVING it. We had a comfort-level breakthrough last week. Every day when I pick him up, I sign him out and shut the door behind us then I ask "do you wanna walk?" as I start to put him down. Every day he clings to me like a monkey and refuses to put his feet on the ground. So I carry him to the car. Every day. Last week, I started to put him down, fully expecting the death grip. But no! I asked "do you wanna walk?" and sure enough he planted his feet on the ground, let me hold his hand and off we walked all the way through daycare, across the parking lot, to the car. I could've (and maybe should've) picked him up and carried him in the parking lot rather than making cars wait for his 15 month old little legs to carry him out of their way. But I just held his hand, took tiny steps to keep pace with him and we eventually got there. 

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Such a helper. These are photos of Colt "helping" me put away groceries Sunday evening. He was systematically taking all the mustard out of the fridge and I was putting it back when he looked away. He finally figured out what was gumming up his system and turned and gave me a look. I redirected him to the tupperware cabinet – where you know he could spend all day. So I got to put the rest of the groceries (and the rest of the refrigerator's contents) away in peace.


This weekend we had a houseful! Debra and Paige came up from Smackover to stay with us and go to the game. And my friend Lonette and her friends Doug, Kristy and Tammy were in the middle of a cross-country RV roadtrip. They started in New Mexico a week before and made it to town for some visiting and the game on Saturday. We fired up the tailgate and even though Kristy and Doug are Georgia fans we extended some Razorback hospitality and let them hang out with us. 

15monthsA_09_edit 15monthsA_40_edit


15monthsA_43_edit 15monthsA_32_edit


This last one of Colt is my favorite. I call it – Game Face.


I think Colt enjoyed his first Tailgating experience. We had some burgers, listened to USC lose on the radio, Colt tried his darndest to climb into every cooler in sight. It was a good time. Watching the game (on TV at home) started out fun and ended up hearbreaking, but such is life. We still love the Hogs. And we were so excited to have old friends and new friends in town to visit.


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