The Hogs played in Little Rock over Labor Day weekend, so we didn't make it to the game. But Colt was pretty pumped about the first Game Day of the season. As you can see, he has remote-in-hand. He's ready!


The couch is a new favorite destination. He can climb up there by himself, if he is appropriately motivated, and can get down without face-planting, which is always a plus. He doesn't really care for the No-Standing-On-The-Couch Rule, but we're making progress.

No tickets to the game.  No babysitter, so no going to the nearest sports bar to watch the game — so we decided to do the next logical thing. Branson.

We loaded up and joined 17 bajillion other people at the Outlets in Branson. And it was great. We left at naptime so Colt slept all the way there. 


He didn't get a fabulous nap because of the impossibly windy road between here and Branson – and also because of the TWO suicidal squirrels we met on our way there. (It was horrible. But it was us or the squirrels…) And he woke up to a camera-happy Mama in the backseat.

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We got to Branson and discovered it was a wee bit crowded, so Jeff had to park the car next to a sign that read "DANGER FALLING ROCKS". Seriously. We were desperate.


The car was still there when we came back. No rocks to speak of. And we found some great deals on clothes and such — even found a Halloween costume for the little guy. By the time we left for home, it was almost bedtime for Colt, so he slept the whole way home, had a pit stop when we got home to pull off his shoes and shorts, and into bed he went. He didn't miss a beat. Colt spent the whole trip strapped in to either a car seat or a stroller and he was in the best mood! We really couldn't believe how good he was. I guess he appreciates good people-watching as much as the next guy.


We watched an unhealthy amount of football the rest of the weekend, hung out with the crowd at Keith and Don's for a barbecue, and thoroughly enjoyed our bonus 24 hours of weekend. Ahhh. 

And then. The Funk.

Yes, funk. I got it first. (Well, kinda. Colt's had a runny nose since he started the new daycare, but we assumed it was kinda par for the course.) I had to do a lot of running around for work last week and I was in 4 different Walmarts a total of 6 times in 24 hours. And I woke up the next day feeling seriously crappy. Coincidence? So I spared my team and kept my crud at home. I went to the doctor and spent most of the day and night asleep. Bad, restless sleep. I have had a headache ever since. I just can't seem to shake it. Bleh. 

So Friday, Colt was sent home from daycare with a fever. So off we went to the doctor. Turns out, this kid had a double ear infection, fever, sore throat, and wheezing in his chest — and I WISH I felt as good as he does. Once his fever came down (which took about 30 minutes – tops), he was back to whirlwinding around the house. You would never know he was sick. Back to school he goes.

Jeff even went to the doctor which, as some of you may know, NEVER happens. He finally admitted that he's had a sore throat for TWO WEEKS. 

So yeah. Serious funk in the Hood household this week. Everyone is much better after the weekend – looking forward to a better week. I will not miss spending over three hours of my life in various lines for doctors and pharmacists last week. Gah.


Our friends Angela and Nicholas are getting married in October and were in town for a couple's shower this weekend. Aunt Becky came and stayed at the house with Colt while we went to Emelia's on Dickson Street and toasted the happy couple. 


We thought this pose of the four of us was very "Junior Prom". Aren't we cheesy?



And I'm not sure what happened to the lighting in that last one, but it's a pic of all the girls that were still at the shower by the time we started taking group pictures. I think a few may have left before we got our act together, but this is almost everyone. Natalie, Ashley, Katie, Sarah, Erin, Maureen, Clare, Brianne, Jessica, and Angela. Congratulations Angela and Nicholas!

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  1. A golf ball in one hand, and a remote in the other. Yep he is ready as he can get.

  2. I’m very glad you weren’t attacked by any falling rocks… that would suck.

  3. Such cute pictures!

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