This week has been, well, a long one. I won't bore you with excuses for my lag in posting. I won't even bore you with the details of my "long" week, because I'm certainly aware that everyone is busy and everyone is tired and everyone has "stuff" going on. 

But! This week I decided enough is enough. Alright already. My life is busy. But I need to get it together.

So I bought some school supplies. Duh. Isn't that everyone does when they need to feel In Control of things? Whatever – you people are the weird ones. Some people take time off, read a book and relax. I color code. I buy new pens. I buy notebooks and organizers and cute pads of paper. 

This week, I decided that the start of a new month and the nagging and increasing feelings of disorganization were good enough reasons to take action. 

  • I took some good advice and decided to try Sharpie Pens. They're growing on me. 
  • I made a call on a recent dilemma. To Levenger or Not To Levenger. I decided to take the imposter route and download the templates from our share drive at work, saving me a ridiculous amount of money but not sacrificing the brilliance that is Levenger.
  • I dusted off my Label Baby Junior. And wondered how I'd lived without it for the last year.
  • I started filing the 500+ emails in my inbox. When I left work on Thursday, it was under 200. SERIOUS progress. For reference: I would prefer to have no more than 10 emails in my inbox at any given time. 500 emails were giving me a little panic attack.    

It's been a big week. Please don't make fun of me to my face. I might make you a file.


In other news, the little guy is loving his new school. He fell on the playground yesterday and busted his lip. And he gets positively filthy playing outside, requiring an average of two outfits each day… But we love the new school. A good choice.

A few pics from the last week–


14monthsE_04_edit 14monthsE_15_edit 14monthsE_13_edit

The red rocking chair belonged to Colt's Grandpa Martin as a little boy. It's a new favorite destination in the living room.

Last Saturday afternoon we went to a housewarming party for friends Teresa, Ryan and Chaz. They have a beautiful new home in Fayetteville. Chaz – who's almost 2 – shared his toys with Colt (and taught him how to make a big wet mess in the kiddie pool!) and this toy lawnmower was a favorite. It made a little gurgling noise when it moved, so he would push it about a foot – far enough to start the noise – then giggle. All over the yard! He never walked behind it for more than a few seconds at a time. Just long enough to hear the gurgling noise and have a good laugh. Weird kid.



And last night, since Paw was out of town, we had a rare treat. Bath Time!

14monthsE_38_edit 14monthsE_56_edit

Have a great weekend and a safe holiday.

4 thoughts on “A grip. Get one.

  1. He is so cute! Precious! I love hearing about “The true adventures of Colt”

    Happy Labor Day weekend.

  2. Do you not bathe him when Paw is IN town?

  3. Let me know how that getting organized thing worked for you. Every year when I get overwhelmed I do that same thing – trouble is it doesn’t last long!!! But boy, do I have some cool new “tools.”

  4. I got a new stash of clicky gel pens in the mail a few weeks ago… and they definitely make life better. :)

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