I'm beginning to think I should market Colt as an exercise program. What do you think? He's busy as ever and I caught some of his antics on video this weekend. These days it seems video captures his little energy much more efficiently than photographs. You'll see.

Saturday afternoon, the game wasn't quite as exciting as Colt was expecting so he amused himself by dragging his toy bucket and rocking chair back and forth across the house. He made laps around the furniture and even mixed it up a little by filling the bucket with remote controls or bowls or blocks – just to keep it interesting.

Sunday afternoon, we were playing in the front yard and Colt was fixated on the stump left behind after our tree was sacrificed to Ice Storm 2009. He would tiptoe around it, then back up to it and plop himself down as if on a throne, then stand up and cheer. Weird kid.

All of a sudden, Colt tore off around the house and headed straight for the slide. Note: Our level of excitement in this video is completely warranted. This is the first time we'd ever seen him climb up and slide down by himself! He just climbed up there and slid down like he's been doing it for years!

And we were so excited by his sharpened sliding skills we decided to head to the park and try out the Big Boy Slides. He never looked back.

And then there's this. No toddlers were harmed in the making of this film.

He L-O-V-E-D the slides. Clearly. We stayed at the park until the little guy was just completely worn out. We slid. We swung. We slid some more. I took more than 10 video clips in the time we were there. I might throw some of them up on our YouTube channel so check it out. Also – if any of the videos above didn't load correctly you can always find them there. 

Ok. One more. This slide is as tall and steep as it looks. And my little daredevil loved every second of it.

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  1. The face plant is definitely my favorite. I can’t wait to get back and play with that little guy!

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