Those of you who have been following along know that we've gone back and forth several times about daycare. We were leaving Ms. Barbara's. Then we weren't. Still on the waiting list, but moving to an in-between place. Then we were staying at Ms. Barbara's again. The reasons for all the mind-changing are not that interesting so I'll spare you the gory details, but know this – we have had the same sweet old lady keeping Colt since he was 11. Weeks. Old. He turned 14 MONTHS old – yesterday. Let me break that down for you. 

This is who I dropped off at daycare for the first time on 2 September 2008.

Week 11 215_edit



And this is who I picked up after work yesterday.



Week 11 215_edit  14monthsA_05_edit

His day-to-day little world consists of me, Jeff, and Ms. Barbara. And the other few kids (most of whom are part-time) at Ms. Barbara's house. And today. I'm taking him to real, live, sign-in/sign-out, put-your-name-on-EVERYTHING, we-have-a-posted-menu-and-schedule-and-BITING-policy DAYCARE. *breathe* I'm a little anxious about the whole thing. Obviously. We toured daycares, we picked our favorite, waited forever on the list, and now we're in. But it's really hard to know that I'm about to drop him off with a bunch of strangers (to him) – in a class called The Little Lambs (when Jeff and I kinda think he belongs in a class called The Tazmanian Devils…) – where he will be eating and sleeping and playing in a completely unfamiliar place. 

Somehow yesterday – the last day at Ms. Barbara's – wasn't as traumatic as I'd expected. But this First Day. At Big Boy Daycare. It's causing more than a little heartache. 

3 thoughts on “Today’s the Day

  1. He will do fine and so will you. Which daycare did you pick, if you don’t mind me asking? Erin started 6TH GRADE today. She ran to meet a group of friends and I watched her khaki skirt, navy tank and yellow converse blend in with the rest of the bunch. Strange how quickly they adapt to society when in the back of our minds we really hope they need a little more motherly advice. Let us know how he does. Lori

  2. Wow…..his second first day. Makes me cry. :(

  3. I’m just amazed you got him to sit still enough for that adorable cow chair picture. So cute!

    Go have a burrito and a couple of margaritas. You’ll feel better in no time!

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