No Playing Outside Tonight

Colt and I got home at 5:30. No rain.

Jeff got home at 6:00. No rain.

Jeff started mowing the lawn at 6:15. No rain.

This was taken at 6:45.

It started raining about 6:30 and I wondered how long Jeff would brave the rain to mow the lawn. I peeked out the window to see him practically running behind the mower to get it done before it started raining any harder. A few minutes later I started to hear some pretty serious thunder and I could hear him banging around in the garage. 

It went from kinda raining to full blown hail storm in about 10 minutes. During the 20ish minutes of hail it grew from dime-sized to well over golfball-sized. It was CRAZY loud in our house. 

No playing outside for the little guy today…



4 thoughts on “No Playing Outside Tonight

  1. This storm caught me off-guard, too! I was caught in it out in my car and was panicking over the assumed damage I would have. Thankfully, I haven’t discovered anything too terrible (although you can see all the points of impact in the layer of dirt on my car!) I could never tell just how big it got, but this video and the pictures show it all! Crazy!

    PS – I, too, lurk on your blog a lot. Love keeping up with you this way (even if you do just sit a floor below me at work!)

  2. Luckyily I didn’t get a single drop of hail at my place. I saw it all later on the news and knew that I missed something big!

  3. HOLY CRAP!!

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