What has it been? 2 weeks since I last posted photos of the rascal? Well Grandpa Martin came to visit last weekend and I didn't get TOO many pictures – but what's mine is yours. The best part about Baby Toddler Picture Post Days is that the photos largely speak for themselves – not too much effort or necessary narration on my end. So feast your eyes on these.

Check out this face:


and more Dinner With Grandpa:

13monthsE_26_edit 13monthsE_27_edit

13monthsE_28_edit 13monthsE_34_edit

And a cute pic with Grandpa (and the remote…)


And this would be "Baby's First Lime". At dinner Saturday night, Grandpa expanded Colt's horizons to include sour citrus fruit. This expression is equal parts confusion, curiosity and delight. By the way, he came back for seconds!

13 months 002_edit

Grandpa came bearing gifts (other than my Pampered Chef pitcher which I left at the condo in Greers Ferry – thanks Dad!)! He recently finished building a fence around the house in San Antonio and had several lengths of cedar leftover after chopping off the tops of the fence posts. So he made a box FULL of blocks for Colt. Some are cubes, some are brick-shaped. And can I just say – this boy is ALL ABOUT some blocks. Unfortunately, I don't have a photo of the blocks in action, but I do have this – a photo of Jeff trying to pull the switcheroo on Colt with the remotes. (Trust me – he knows the difference.)


The blocks saw quite a bit of action on Tuesday afternoon when I had to stay with Colt and work from home. I stacked them up and he knocked them over. I made my version of an "explosion" noise and he laughed maniacally. About 600 times before the novelty started to wear off. Yah blocks!

After Grandpa had to leave Sunday morning, we took Colt out for his daily routine of running around outside until he's appropriately exhausted enough for a nap or bedtime. It works quite well. Here he is in all his my-Mama-let-me-play-outside-in-my-jammies glory. Don't judge me. He's wearing shoes.

13monthsE_46_edit 13monthsE_52_edit 13monthsE_65_edit

That stick is as essential to outside play as the remote control is to inside play. Colt finds that same stick every day, does NOT let go of it the entire time he plays outside, then when it's time to come in Jeff puts the stick in the bushes for safe keeping until the next day. 

I love this picture – I think he looks like he should audition for Harry Potter.


There. That should scratch your photo itch for today. 

Ok. One more.


That's all, folks. Our weekend in pictures. I hope to get the photo album updated soon – I can promise you I'm behind. 

3 thoughts on “Less talk. More pictures.

  1. What a cutie and what a great grandpa – he’ll have fun with those blocks for years!!!!

  2. I LOVE the pic with grandpa on the couch…it makes me laugh remembering what I had to do to get a smile out of that little guy.

  3. OH.MY.GOSH.THESE.ARE.ADORABLE!!! He’s HUGE! You should bring him to Africa with you… I miss my nephew. :(

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