It’s As If They’ve Met Him

I still get my weekly "My Toddler This Week" emails – and every week it's a little more shocking just how accurate they are. Here are snippets of the last three I've received:




It's eerie.

And "spirited" and "undesirable behavior" are such, umm, polite ways to put it. Other key words are "independence", "endless enjoyment", "needy", and "frustration" – but at least we "can take some solace in knowing his development is right on track", right? Yup.

14 months, folks. Yesterday, his new shoes came in the mail and I had him try them on. He was sitting there eating supper with his new haircut and his big boy shoes – looking all OLD. It was a little much. This past weekend he nearly made me cry when he crawled up on the couch, turned himself around, and sat – mirroring Jeff – on the opposite end of the couch, pretending to watch TV. And he almost got a round of applause when he scooted himself to the edge, turned around and slid off the couch feet first. This is HUGE as he usually tries to take a header right off the side. He's really starting to connect some of the dots around here. 

In the last few days he has started babbling up a storm – which he hasn't seemed too interested in doing before now. Lots of kids have a few words by now, but he hasn't cared to talk much yet. Until yesterday. He just babbled all day. I listened to him for a little bit last night, laying in his crib, just chatting away with Mr. Bear.

And he hugs. That is the best.


I still can't manage to get too many photos of his little mug – mostly the back or side of his head as he bolts away giggling. But I updated the photo album with all kinds of new pictures. (I was 2 months behind! How could you let that happen!) 

2 thoughts on “It’s As If They’ve Met Him

  1. This is tooo funny! ;) What a cutie!!!

  2. Oh, c’mon! Taking headers off the side is so much more fun!

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