Where At Least I Know I’m Free

We made our annual trip to the Elk River to get our redneck on this weekend. This would have been the fourth year for the 4th of July Float Trip, but we missed last year for a variety of reasons. And because I'm a nostalgic ninny, here are photos of past floats — when we were young and stupid. And childless.


TexicanFloatTrip 030_edited
And 2007…
Texicans 2007 098_edited_edited
And now I give you – 2009… 
Our wonderful friend Autumn watched The Monkey for us all day Saturday — she is a saint. And we had an absolute blast at the river. 
P.S. We also did fun stuff on Friday and Sunday, but you'll have to wait a day or two for photos of the rest of our weekend. I know you can handle it.

One thought on “Where At Least I Know I’m Free

  1. Wait a minute —- how can it continue to be “annual” if you missed last year!?

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