Giraffe I mailed my passport renewal form today. What a racket. $75 and a mugshot later – I have officially notified the Department of State that #1: I changed my name almost three years ago, and that #2: I would like to travel out of the country, please. Bleh. 

But WORTH IT! I have not mentioned it here so I will now – I am going to Africa. Africa! I am more than a wee bit excited about it and haven't really stopped thinking about it since I booked my plane ticket to Johannesburg last week. I'm probably driving Laura crazy with emails and questions and phone calls and squealing and – you know – general girly excitement. And I have to wait all the way until No-VEM-berrrrrrr. *Whiiiiiiine* I haven't done any international traveling since I returned from my fall semester abroad in 2002, but I'm looking forward to dusting off the ole backpack and practicing my best Yes-I'm-an-American-but-I'm-not-as-stupid-as-we-look-on-TV face. 

So. In preparation for my trip. Which is 118 whole days away. Counting!

Sarah's Prep List*

  1. Renew passport. Check!
  2. Take advantage of Laura's Peace Corps discount on Chacos – umm, 50. Percent. Yes maam.
  3. Watch the following movies about Africa: Hotel Rwanda, Blood Diamond, The Last King of Scotland.
  4. Repair any damage caused by above movies by watching The Lion King.
  5. What else? 

*Yes, I know. Another list. I can't help myself.

3 thoughts on “Training Mode

  1. um are you not going to post the mug shot.. the people need to see (or maybe I just think it is funny because I have already seen it) HA!!!!

  2. You have to watch that show on HBO about the Botswana Women’s Detective Agency–hello!

  3. I’m jealous!

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