The Holiday Known As Tuesday

This box is by far Colt's (current) favorite thing to play with. He climbs on/in it, drags it back and forth across the floor, chews holes in it. They're buds — Colt and the diaper box.

Today, we were playing on the floor and Jeff was putting the box on his head — Colt totally lost it. I've never seen him laugh that hard. He could barely stand up. I love it. Love. And I wish everything in life were that simple.

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Also! I got to pick up the second half of Jeff's Father's Day gift today. I can't remember if I mentioned this little project in any detail, but I had Nancy take some photos of Colt one day when Jeff was out of town. I LOVED the pictures and couldn't pick just one — so I made them into a book. (And if I linked everything correctly, you should be able to view it HERE.) So Colt gave him the book on Father's Day – and he loved it.  The second part wasn't ready until today, but it was worth the wait! Colt had one of the photos framed for Jeff's office. They did such a beautiful job!(They wrapped it up REALLY well, and we thought it best to keep it wrapped for its trip to the office today, so… that's why it's still wrapped in plastic.)
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4 thoughts on “The Holiday Known As Tuesday

  1. This has to be one of the greatest ideas of all time!!! Colt will have a tough time topping this one in the years to come!

  2. I think Jeff is a mighty lucky Pa — he has a beautiful little boy who loves him a lot!

  3. that’s a fantastic picture! good stuff!

  4. LOVE IT!!! Great idea!

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