Raise your hand if you think my child needs a new pair of shoes.

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So… We've determined how many licks it takes to get to the center of a Tootsie Roll Pop… 
His poor little shoes. He came home from daycare today like this. Robeez are great shoes, and I'll be heading to the store tomorrow to get his next pair. These, however, have had it. They were the 6-12 month size, so he was busting out of them already — but we were hoping to make it through the summer with these before we upgraded to "real shoes" in the fall. Oh well. They've served us well, but I'm not really sure they are designed for the kind of wear we required of them.
Ok. Bonus photos of Trouble Colt during supper tonight.
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Happy Friday and Happy Weekend everyone!

3 thoughts on “Taking a Poll

  1. My poor Grandson. Please tell me where I can send him shoes!!!

  2. Sarah~ My advice would be to move to “real shoes” if he is walking he needs real shoes! Also if his mommy is keeping him in these please let me know what size i need to buy the poor baby!

  3. Your child is probably the cutest thing ever. I know I say that nearly every time you post, but I can’t help it. What a great grin he has.

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