Man, do I have a boy. We've been taking advantage of the unseasonably pleasant weather by playing outside a lot in the evenings. Jeff usually takes Colt out after he has his dinner. They run laps outside. Well, Colt runs around, mostly in the culdesac and other people's yards, and Jeff corrals him. After a while Colt wears himself out and comes scurrying back to the house – sweaty, dirty, with as many sticks as he can hold in his two little hands, big grin on his face. 

He's a live one – that kid. We are really loving seeing his little personality a little more each day. And seeing glimpses of the stubborn independent 2 year old he is often already trying to be.

He's taken control of his eating situation. Likes: carrots, turkey, milk, mashed potatoes, and his newest love – WAFFLES. Dislikes: lima beans, green beans, peas – and water… Yeah, so remember the sippy cup issues? I started offering him a sippy cup several months ago – with no luck. I put some water in there so he could "practice" and he just never really seemed to care for the cup. I tried 17 different sippy cups – convinced that I just hadn't found the right one. We tried juice at one point – which was a huge disaster. And one day, in desperation, I put milk in the cup. So yeah – turns out he's got no problem with sippy cups. He just doesn't like WATER. He will drink milk out of just about anything I give him. I don't even send bottles to daycare anymore – and let me tell you, THAT was a big step. 

So just a few tidbits to keep you updated on the rascal. And this video that I took tonight while Colt and I had to stay inside so Jeff could mow the yard. He always watches Jeff intently through the glass in the front door – supervising the yard work. Enjoy.

One thought on “My Favorite Boy

  1. I don’t like lima beans, peas or water either!! Just keep the kid happy and feed him waffles… Mmm.

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