Everything I Need to Know I Learned at the Waterpark

  1. Places of business are not simply open when I show up. But MY wouldn't life be easier? The Springdale Aquatic Center opens at Noon. Not a moment earlier. We thought we were late getting started today when we showed up at 11:40. We were wrong. Colt almost used up his daily quota of patience while waiting for the gate to open.
  2. Realistic expectations are key.  During a trip to Sam's Club last night for ice cream, we browsed around and found one of those swimsuits with a built-in life jacket. We dubbed it The Body Glove. Well, it turns out that The Body Glove is not what it's cracked up to be. I pictured Colt bobbing up and down in the water, without having to be constantly held – more of the autonomy he is demanding these days. Unfortunately, The Body Glove did not deliver. We gave up, Becky and I spent 20 minutes prying a wiggly baby out of a wet suit (imagery!), and went back to the trusty swim trunks. We'll try The Body Glove again another day.
  3. Right AFTER naptime is always better than right BEFORE naptime. This is universally applicable. And Colt decided I should learn this lesson the hard way today. We spent exactly 37 minutes at the pool before it was clearly and unequivocally – naptime.    
Bonus LessonNothing exhausts a 13-month-old like time spent swimming in the sun. That's right, friends – 13 months old today!  


3 thoughts on “Everything I Need to Know I Learned at the Waterpark

  1. Now that’s tired!

  2. #4. A warm and sunny day does NOT mean warm water!

  3. The Body Gloves suck. Get a life jacket–Ethan bobs all over the pool. Call me next time you go and we’ll join you!

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