You’ve Heard of “Falling Off The Wagon”

This is what it looks like. 

Count them. Three Sonic cups. Three. LARGES. In my defense, I think one of them was still on my desk from the day before. I think. But I know I got one on my way to work and one during Happy Hour. I don't even want to do the math on that. 
I quit drinking Diet Coke two years ago – even before I was pregnant. I can't remember why exactly, but I remember that it sucked. It took weeks before I didn't get daily headaches and months before I was truly quenched by plain ole water. But I got there. And I stuck with it throughout my pregnancy and then the entire time I was nursing. But about a month ago I took a diving leap off the proverbial wagon and into a nice, convenient cup of DC. And I have not looked back. 
Each cup is equal parts guilt and satisfaction. Neither is winning out at this point so I continue to have my daily dose and rationalize it to myself as something I "deserve". An intervention may be necessary.

3 thoughts on “You’ve Heard of “Falling Off The Wagon”

  1. Be careful or our African Recycle Nazi will be getting after you!

  2. Please. Your addiction has no calories, no sugar, and no narcotics. Keep on slurpin.In fact, make it a Route 44. Life’s too short.

  3. African Recycle Nazi? I like the ring of that… :)

    And while I also love me some DC, I appreciate it more from a paper cup… that I reuse a few times. C’mon.

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