In my next life I want to be a photographer. A portrait photographer. I want to spend all day taking candid, unscripted photos of babies and kids and couples and families.  Laughing and playing and smiling and snuggling. *sigh* In the meantime, it's me and my camera and a few Photoshop tricks I've picked up from my friend Nancy (or by complete trial and error). 

This past week/weekend I spent some time updating my photo albums. And I've alllllllmost got them all done. They were taking over a little – so I listed them differently. Over there. On the right. They're all still there – just not so overbearing. And, actually, I added two new ones. I had to close down "Colt – 6 to 12 Months" in favor of — you guessed it — "Colt – 12 to 18 Months". And in the process realized that there are nearly 100 more photos in the 0-6 album than there are in the 6-12 album. 100! What the hell? So I'm on a mission to be better about taking photos and posting them. I was once doing that on a weekly basis and now it's – well – anything but weekly. 

Oh – and the other new album? 12 month photos. They are possibly my favorites of all time. Nancy took them for me a month ago, but I've had to save them because they were part of a Father's Day gift for Jeff. There are ENTIRELY too many of them – and different crops, etc. – because I just couldn't help myself. So I apologize now for the excessiveness of it all. Here – let's see if I can pick a few favorites to post here —

051809 004 copy 051809 011 copy
051809 005 copy_crop
051809 025 copy 051809 067 copy
051809 037 copy_crop

See? Couldn't just pick a few. Love that boy.

2 thoughts on “Worth a Thousand Words

  1. Those are some seriously blue eyes….

  2. Sarah, those are great pictures. That bottom one must just make Jeff’s heart skip a beat. Thanks for sharing.

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