U-verse. For better or worse?

Pros of U-verse

  • More HD channels than we could possibly need.
  • Same price as awful, awful COX cable – and more channels  
  • DVR in every room in our house. 
  • If I were so inspired, I could connect a Flickr account with my TV and view photos on the big screen. 
  • All of our shameless technology on one monthly bill. Which reminds me that we should probably buy some stock in AT&T. 
  • Wireless internet (which we don't really need or use, but whatever) 
  • The ability to control the DVR from the internet (or my iPhone – because that's totally necessary) 
  • The opportunity to call COX cable tomorrow and say sayonara (I have spent WAY too many hours of my life on the phone with their "customer service" merely trying to get what we pay for every month)

Cons of U-verse
  • We have a bajillion channels and we have to re-learn all of the channel numbers.
  • No AMC (which is a bit of a hiccup because last night was the season finale of Breaking Bad)
  • No Drug Court (this might be the worst. We've grown quite attached to this little show, and evidently, when AT&T says "you get all your local channels" they don't mean "including channels owned by COX"…)     
  • No clock. Our old cable box had a digital clock.  The new one – no clock. After one day of the new cable, we realized just how much we relied on that clock. 
  • The Mute button on the remote doesn't work. Random. 

The jury is out.

4 thoughts on “U-verse. For better or worse?

  1. You are on the cusp of an addiction so completely satisfying it’s unbelievable. You mock the iPhone application, but just wait until you realize there’s some random show on that you REALLY want to see, but oh no! Colt’s doctor’s appointment is running long and you won’t make it in time! Nooo problem, thanks to Mac and AT&T.

    And the cons were nothing compared to the pros. Seriously, buy a clock. Problem solved.

  2. I agree with Nancy about the clock. Do you get any South African channels?? :)

  3. I can’t believe it doesn’t have a clock. That is the main clock in our house besides the oven and microwave.
    I still vote for U-verse

  4. I couldn’t live without AMC—Mad Men is the best show ever

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