Quick Update from LA

  • Still in LA. Still desperately missing my family. Home tomorrow.

  • Having a good time, but the research we're doing is making me want a dog reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeal  bad. So. Yeah. We'll see about that.

  • Today is June 11th. A year ago today I was officially 40 weeks pregnant and DUE.

  • I received my weekly Babycenter email last night — and instead of "Your Baby – XX months, XX weeks" it said "Your TODDLER – 1 year". I almost fell over.

  • Home tomorrow. Did I already mention that?


2 thoughts on “Quick Update from LA

  1. So… when you said you were headed to LA, I totally thought you meant ‘Lower Arkansas’. I was very confused when I saw your picture on this post…

    Be sure to eat an In and Out!

  2. Ooo- pretty picture. By the way- a friend of mine bought a “chinese cabbage” this week. I totally took a picture of it for you. :)

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