I thought we took care of this.

We use Playtex bottles. Which would be unimportant except that they're driving. Me. Crazy. Let's see if I can go back far enough to give you the necessary background but not so far as to paint myself kooky. 
I'm a wee bit obsessive. About some things. I leave my shoes all over the house and pick them up about once a week. But I have a little panic attack when I open a container of baby food and the little foil protective seal doesn't come off in one complete piece. Seriously. And Jeff and I have had more than one "discussion" about how important it is to put the green lid on the green baby bottle, blue lid on the blue bottle, etc. Let's see if I can find a picture. Hmm, try this:


See how they are different colors? (We don't have any pink bottles in our house, but you get the idea.) The lids are technically interchangeable and it makes me a little crazy when they're not matched up correctly. I would prefer that it didn't bother me, but it does.
I had managed to win this battle at home, but about 6 weeks ago one of Colt's blue bottles started coming home from daycare with a green lid. I frantically went to the sink to find its green-bottle/blue-lid counterpart, but was out of luck. So I started passive-aggressively sending that same bottle back to daycare EVERY day in hopes that Ms. Barbara would discover the error and switch the parts back to harmony. (Note: Another baby at daycare uses the same bottles as Colt. Obviously. Since Colt's name is on the bottom half of his bottles, I know that the nipple part must be the odd man out. And somehow it bothers me more that the bottle parts don't match than it does that he's using some other baby's nipples.)
Fast forward to Friday. The blue bottle came home from daycare with a blue lid! I win! You have no idea how happy it made me to put the bottles in the fridge in a nice, neat row – everything all matchy. But it didn't last. Not even a week! Yesterday – back to the blue-bottle/green-lid combo. What the hell?

6 thoughts on “I thought we took care of this.

  1. Maybe Ms. Barbara is a tad color blind? Seriously, blue and green are the two colors that are very similar when you are color blind. Maybe you should very nicely tell her she needs to get that checked out.
    P.S. It would drive me insane as well, don’t feel kooky. LORI

  2. I think that this is some elaborate practical joke thought up by Jeff

  3. Yeah, this is probably not something I would have admitted publicly. It’s a little strange.


  4. I should send you the bottle we had. There were blue and green boats or blue and green fish on them. It didn’t matter if you had the blue top or the green top. They always matched…

  5. Perhaps you could get “granimal bottles”! Or….you could invent them!

  6. uhhh….does ms. barbara read your blog???

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