And that's why you're here, after all. If you wanted facts, you'd turn to Us Weekly. Or Facebook herself. But here my friends you receive the Opinion O' Sarah. And here it is. I LIKE JON & KATE. There. I said it. And I'm starting to get a little lonely here on my side of the fence. 
Honestly. I have been a fan since their first hour-long special. And I completely fell in love with them during the early years of the show – when it was about grocery shopping with a pile of coupons. And going to the dentist. And which kid picked each other for Christmas. I can do without the constant product placement and celebrity you-scratch-my-back-I'll-scratch-yours action that has completely taken over my favorite show. 
During the last several months, when things have been getting – umm – dramatic, I've had to stop myself from sitting down and writing them an email. 

Dear Jon & Kate: 
You really need to pull it together. You have the most beautiful family and you are letting "people" tear you apart. Go home, take care of yourselves, and play some hide-and-seek. Life is too short for the mess you're in. Hug your munchkins and blow bubbles and go to the beach and never watch TV again. 
Your Biggest Fan (Seriously. All of those other "Biggest Fan"s are imposters.)

I think we would be friends. Me and Kate. I watched Monday night, along with most of the world, and saw a family completely falling apart for reasons public and private — and I feel so horrible for them. They are A FAMILY. Not a sideshow. And I wish they would retreat into their lives and let people forget about them. I've been saying for months that I think this will be their last season. And now it seems pretty obvious that it's true. The good news is that Kate now has fodder for another book. And I will totally read it.


Semi-related note: If one more person tells me my hair looks like Kate's, I am going back to my previous hairstyle. Pronto.


Less-related note: I've found a new TV show. LOVING Edie Falco's new show Nurse Jackie. I wish the shows were an hour long – I can't get enough. Be warned that it is not for weak stomachs. Or virgin ears…


Now, in an attempt to undo the pollution I just created, here are a few delicious pictures from our weekend in Little Rock/Arkadelphia/Smackover with family.

Above and below left: My baby toddler at the water park in Arkadelphia. Does he look old or WHAT? Below right: Colt with his cousin Eric. Colt sat longer on Eric's lap that day than he has sat on my lap collectively his ENTIRE LIFE.
12monthsB_13_edit 12monthsB_02_edit
Below: The Hood boys. Jeff's first Father's Day. Pop's 50th! Father's Day. (Someday I'll get a picture of these three in which all are looking/smiling and not desperately ready for naptime.)

2 thoughts on “For What It’s Worth

  1. I heard they were continuing the show.

    And then there is that new one coming, with the mother and father of a set of eight! All from the same birh! I saw a documentary on them a few weeks back, and they seemed to have their heads on straight! Something to look forward to perhaps?

  2. To heck with Jon and Kate. I’m so excited about that little swimmer. Looks liked he enjoyed the water!

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