I am an inconsistent pack rat. Our attic is literally full of boxes of stuff I cannot bear to throw away – old forensics trophies, yearbooks, junior high band camp tshirts. It's a treasure trove, let me tell you.  But at the same time, I accumulate trash at an alarming rate. Jeff is always amazed at how quickly I can fill up our kitchen garbage can. He probably feels like he takes it out every day. We don't go a week without him having to make a trip to the car wash down the street to throw a car-full of boxes in their dumpster. So — attic full of "keepsakes" yet incredible output of trash. Hmm.

But in the pack rat column, give a me a check mark for this: my jean jacket. It's a fav. Any of you who have known me for any amount of time know that it's an absolute staple for me. And here's the thing. I've had it for AT LEAST 8 years. In fact, here's a picture of me wearing it on our trip to NYC when Tom graduated from the Prep School in summer 2001. (Oh look, it used to button…)

I'm pretty sure I had the jacket in high school, though I can't find a picture. (Also – see the shoes I'm wearing? — yep, still have those, too.) But the story gets better! I bought that jean jacket 8 years ago. At Walmart. For FIVE. DOLLARS. FIVE! I can't think of a single thing I own I'd consider more cost-effective than that. 
I most recently wore it last week when I met Nastia Liukin at the Walmart Shareholders Vendor Fair, and I probably wore it to dinner last night. And I probably would have kept right on wearing my $5 Faded Glory jean jacket if it weren't for my good friend Erin. I haven't told her this and she'd probably be embarrassed if she knew, but she inspired me with her recent post about jean jackets. Nevermind that her post was about jean jackets coming back into style, and I've been proudly wearing mine straight through the better half of the last decade. (Erin, I've got a LOT to learn.) But her post got me thinking about the need to update my favorite piece of clothing. So I did it. I made a slightly-larger-than-five-dollar investment in this:
My new jean jacket. It's the same, really, which is kinda the best part. But it fits me much better than the original (it buttons and everything), is a much prettier blue (since it has yet to be washed 600 times), and it has POCKETS – which was always my only true complaint about my old jacket. 
It will take some getting used to, but I'm sure the new jean jacket will be a regular in the rotation in no time. And according to Erin, who is easily one of the most fashionable people I know, I will be in style — for the first time since OWNING a jean jacket. So right on! I hope this doesn't mean I have to get rid of the old one. Can't it join the other relics in the attic? 

3 thoughts on “Blue Jean Baby

  1. Sarah – Love the story because I keep everything also. Kept all the kids old t-shirts from soccer, baseball, etc. and was going to make a quilt or something out of them – got a few cut up and then didn’t even get around to that. Well………..Ben has/is now wearing them and his very classy Aunt just loves the retro T’s. Sometimes it pays to keep things!

  2. LOVE IT. And yes- before you even said it, I thought to myself: “geez, she’s also had those shoes for a long time!” :)

  3. dude, i had a denim short sleeve button up top from the gap that i thought was amazing! i am pretty sure that i still have a red flannel shirt from the gap when “grunge” was in!

    i can’t make fun of you at all. right now i am wearing a tie dyed t-shirt that tricia scoggins and i did when we were in the 8th grade.

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