You Can’t Handle the Truth

Those of you who have been reading awhile may remember that during my pregnancy I received weekly updates from I would get a weekly email that told me what to be expecting as far as pregnancy symptoms and each week I got some insight into how the little guy was growing — and, everyone's favorite, a vegetable comparison. This week, he's about the size of a kiwi… now he's the size of a Chinese cabbage… etc.

So even after my pregnancy was over, I've kept receiving emails from babycenter. And this week I got my "Your 10-Month Old: Week 3" email. I'll spare you the monologue about how quickly time is flying and how painful these little weekly reminders are that we are OH so close to a first birthday for the little guy… *pause to sigh and compose myself*. 

I read down through the email, making a mental note to continue encouraging Colt's recent babbling of "Mamamamama" and clicking on the link for "toddler-proofing your house" since our only baby-proofing so far has been to move things out of his way AS he gets into them. Efficient. I know. I read on down and chuckle at the funny story about going out to dinner with dried pasta stuck to your clothes. Nice.  
These emails are a nice reinforcement that Colt is moving along at a fairly normal rate. I like to read the funny cartoons and stories – and often the links are helpful for articles. But I've never really read any of the headlines on these emails and thought "Thank God I'm not the only one!". Until now.
Usually the "Problem/Solution" column is something about diaper rash or reflux or sleeping through the night or something else we – thankfully – haven't had to deal with much. Honestly, I usually skip this section altogether. But this week it stopped me in my tracks. Read that second sentence if you will – "Many babies go through a phase during which they scream loud and long, sometimes just for the fun of it. (Lucky you!)". THAT IS US! 
Colt loves LOVES the sound of his voice. And it constantly surprises us just how loud he is capable of getting. He's not frustrated, hurt or ill. Just loud. Just ask the people who were within 20 feet of our dinner table Saturday night at Buffalo Wild Wings. Loud. 
We have loved getting to see the little personality coming out in him, but we are increasingly aware that Colt is 10 months going on 2 years. All those times Jeff's mom insisted that "Jeff was not a naughty little boy, just full of energy" are coming back to haunt me…

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  1. I am still on too and I love getting the updates. It kind of keeps me on my toes and they really have the timing down. I swear Maison threw a tantrum one day and the next I get an email from babycenter on that subject.

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