I am always shocked at how exhausted I am when I get back from a week of relaxation… I am back to work today after having a week off (which was WONDERFUL) and find myself checking the schedule of holidays to be certain it's this coming Monday that we are off again, right? Thank goodness. 

Down to business. I took an obscene number of pictures this week, and, in the interest of efficiency, I've dropped all the good ones into a new album over there — "Vacation – May 2009" (and I will likely not get around to giving all of them captions and titles by the time this posts – so bear with me), and I've posted my favorites below. FAIR WARNING! There are more than a few…

Laura is home! Laura is home! Saturday morning, we drove to Little Rock to meet Mom and Laura at the airport. Mom was coming from Virginia and Laura was coming from South Africa - both through Atlanta. Laura didn't know it, but Dad had put them both on the same flight (and seats together!) from Atlanta to Little Rock so Laura had quite the surprise during her layover in Atlanta. It was so good to see her, and she finally got to meet Bump Colt.

10months_CAL_13_edit 10months_CAL_edit
Colt's shirt reads: "Hello. Nice to meet you." in Setswana. He comes prepared.
Sunday was a big day. We all drove down to Smackover for Colt's baptism at the Smackover First United Methodist Church. Jeff considers Smackover home and his family was part of the church there for many years. Jeff was baptized there, Sarah & Frank and Paige & Lynn were married there, and we couldn't think of a better place to have our little boy baptized. 
DSC_0006_edit DSC_0008_edit
Grandma Martin made the most beautiful baptismal clothes for Colt to wear that Sunday. He looked so handsome in his white duds. His romper was emroidered with CEH down the front. It was perfect.
Untitled 00m 02s
And Happy Mother's Day, Mama.
We spent Sunday afternoon at the Teeds' house for lunch and had a good visit with everyone. After lunch, the Martins headed to Greers Ferry. We set up camp in a 2 bedroom condo at the lake – and were initially worried about having ample room for Colt. But as we toured the place, we stumbled upon the biggest bathtub any of us had ever seen and we knew the problem had been solved. 
Colt had the best room in the house!
We all slept late on Monday and spent the day finding our way around the bay. The girls attended the welcome meeting for all the guests staying at the resort that week — and kept getting the giggles as we all agreed the scene was straight out of Dirty Dancing. Laura kept asking me when Patrick Swayze would get there. 
Tuesday was a day of firsts for the little guy. First up – swimming! We went over to the health club and tried out his sea legs in the pool. He really seemed to like it.
After swimming, Jeff had to head back to Fayetteville for work. But that afternoon, Colt had another first — First Golf Game!
10months_CAL_186_edit 10months_CAL_153_edit
Wednesday was Becky's birthday, and the girls headed to the nearest spa for some pampering and gossip.
Thursday we headed up to Mountain View to take in the sights and sounds. Colt and Grandpa hung out at the Pickin' Porch while the girls did some shopping. It is such a cute little town and we (finally!) had a beautiful day to be outside.
10months_CAL_236_edit 10months_CAL_245_edit
Thursday afternoon, we went back for one more round of golf, but Colt and Grandma decided to check out the swings instead.
Untitled 00m 10s_edit
Friday – our last day at the lake – it dried out enough for us to take to the trails. Laura, Becky and I saddled up and took a ride with PeeWee, Silver and Scooter.
Becky & PeeWee, Laura & Silver, Sarah & Scooter.
We had SUCH a great time despite the rain and the irresistible compulsion sense of responsibility we felt to periodically check-in with the office — it was a nice week of down time, catching up with Laura, and getting out of the routine. I hope we get to do it again soon.
Now that your computer is dead on the floor after loading all. Those. Pictures. you can thank me for staying up WAAAAAY past my bedtime last night dumping them all onto the computer. I have video from this week, too, but it will have to wait. 
P.S. I feel the need to explain to those observant readers who noticed the unsightly mark that appeared on Colt's face midweek. There was an incident on Wednesday – and he scratched his face. These photos make it look terrible… but rest assured, he's on the mend. I've been slathering it with a Neosporin/Mederma cocktail multiple times a day and it's nearly gone now.
P.P.S. Colt is 11 months old today. He is getting taller and thinner, walking more, vocalizing MUCH more, and looking less and less like a baby every day. Thank heaven for little boys.

6 thoughts on “Vacation! Pictures!

  1. Truly was a memorable week!

  2. Oh I love this age of computers – we get to share so many things that just 5 years ago, wouldn’t have even thought of! What a fun, fun time you must have had.

  3. Great pictures! And yes- from Mom’s surprise at the airport, to Starbucks, to horseback riding & putt-putt… it was a fantastic week. :)

  4. looks like you guys had a great week! that little guy gets cuter every time i see a picture!

  5. Excuse me but my horse ARCHIE would not like to be called PeeWee. ARCHIE!

  6. Thanks for staying up late to post the update. So glad that Laura made it home safe and that everyone got to spend some good quality time together.

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