Oh, The Things You’ll Learn To Do With One Arm

Or, the working title of the parenting* book I will never write.

Other alternatives include: 

  • Top 10 Things You Would Dream About If You Were Allowed To Sleep
  • Where Did THAT Bump Come From?
  • Please Don't Eat Mud    

Any other suggestions?

*And by "parenting" I mean Seinfeld-esque Observations of Child-rearing. Not actual Parenting.

3 thoughts on “Oh, The Things You’ll Learn To Do With One Arm

  1. What to expect when your child eats Play-Doh

  2. My book will be called: “Could You Please Repeat What You Just Said? Musings of a Music Teacher”

    This week’s entries would be:

    *You’ll never have a girl friend. You’re too mean and too ugly. (one third grade boy to another)

    *Mrs. F, can I please go to the bathroom? I have poop coming out my butt. (Whispered in my ear by a first grader)

  3. We Don’t Pee on the Living Room Floor.
    (And other things you’d never thought you’d say to another human being.)

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