Wake up at 5:05 to baby sounds. Regret putting Colt to bed exceptionally early last night. – Check. 

Feed my baby bird. – Check.

Put Colt back in bed for a snooze. Stumble back to bed for another hour of sleep. – Check.

Wake up at 6:15, curse the alarm, and decide that another 5 minutes won't hurt. – Check.

Convince self that it actually IS important to get up and get ready for work. Stumble out of bed and into the shower at 6:20. - Check.

Get self and child clean, dressed and ready for the day. – Check.

Remember that it's trash day.  Frantically gather up all the trash in the house and drag the big disgusting trash can to the curb. – Check.

Purse. Keys. Phone. Diaper bag. Baby. - Check.

Out the door at 7:45. – Check.

Colt to daycare. Daily conversation with nanny about preschool. "No, Ms. Barbara, we have not reached the top of the waiting list since last I saw you on Friday." – Check.

Realize I forgot at home both baby wipes for daycare and all of the work I had with me while working from home on Monday. Run home to get both. – Check.

Back to daycare to drop off wipes. – Check.

To work by 10 after 8. (Which is kindof a miracle on a normal day.) – Check.

Say a little prayer for single mothers everywhere. – Check.

Look forward to next week's vacation, which really can't get here soon enough. – Check.

3 thoughts on “And It’s Only 8:30

  1. I think you miss hubby!

  2. with all of your drama you still beat me to work

  3. Wait– Bump can’t bathe himself yet?? Geez…

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