You’re Never Fully Dressed Without a Smile

I caught myself saying something very "Mom" today.

There was an event at my office after work today and I took Colt up there to say hello. I sat and visited with my friends Brianne and Lauren, and Lauren's little boy Lawson, and I was telling Lauren about some super cute new little boys' clothes I saw at Target recently (Dwell Studio. Seriously. WAY cute. If you know any little boys under about 9 months old, you MUST check them out.) and "they didn't have cute stuff like that when Colt was little" just fell out of my mouth. And I laughed out loud and thought to myself, "who do you think you are exactly, some sort of old pro?"

I've had baby clothes on the brain lately. And it never ceases to amaze me just how obsessed women can get about them. Seriously obsessed. I have a personal theory that women make the shift from buying themselves cute clothes and shoes to buying cute and often ridiculous and impractical things for their babies because during and immediately after pregnancy their bodies just don't look right in clothes they are used to wearing. But babies ALWAYS look cute. So why not? And when I say impractical, I'm talking about sherpa vests and white pants and anything that needs to be ironed. You'd be surprised at the hassle and expense that moms endure in order for their kids to look good. 

And what makes people hang on to clothes? A month or so ago, I was going through clothes Colt had outgrown, gathering stuff to take to consignment. And it was a lot harder than I thought. I found myself wanting to keep everything he was ever photographed in (which, if you've been following the little guy via the blog, is A LOT) and every freaking thing for which I could think of a completely ridiculous excuse for keeping. And, for the record, I kept several outfits. But had enough stuff to turn in at the consignment sale to prompt the girl to ask me just how many children I have! She smiled knowingly when I sheepishly replied, "just the one".


In other news – WALKING!

5 thoughts on “You’re Never Fully Dressed Without a Smile

  1. Love how the “in other news” section is the fact that he is walking! Big deal! Shouldn’t that have been the headline??? :) I want to see him soon! So adorable.

  2. They say the smart ones start walking before 11 months. :) It’s all downhill from here, next week he will start kindergarten. Congrats on your gorgeous boy!!

  3. For some reason I just keep watching that video over and over… I can’t believe he is walking!!!

    Miss you guys tons!

  4. My Grandson is a genius!!! Simply a smart little boy!!!

  5. Look at that little guy go!!

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